Kevin Shops While Britney Gets Hair Extensions In Vegas

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that Kevin Federline was spotted window-shopping at the Wynn on Wednesday with three bodyguards while wife got extensions and her hair colored at the salon. The singer was seen getting in a limo with a towel around her head, on her way to the Hard Rock Hotel, where she and Federline have been staying.

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7 thoughts on “Kevin Shops While Britney Gets Hair Extensions In Vegas

  1. Starlet01 says:

    Why do I need to know about Britney’s hair so much?

    Didn’t she color, dye, & put in new hair extensions less that a week ago?>’, ‘How often does someone need to dye their hair or put in new extensions. Is it even necessary do your hair so much. I mean wouldn’t it fall out because of all the chemicals. If she keeps this up, she might go bald. She’s already loss so much of her hair already.

  2. britwannabe says:

    rumor has it that Britney was seen smoking and drinking at the 944 magazine party at the hardrock Sunday. My friend works for the magazine. They have pics of her their don’t know if they have ones of her smoking but I doubt she would be that stupid to smoke and drink in public but that’s what everyone was saying.

  3. AugustRose says:

    I agree with whoever commented about her hair. Britney messes with her hair way too much. Just pick a style and stick with it! And by the way, since when does Kevin need to have bodyguards when he’s out shopping?

  4. Starlet01 says:

    I agree AugustRose I think Kevin is just a walking ego now a days! LOL

    I doubt this is true Britney is to far along into her pregnancy to do that.

  5. ajbswimmer08 says:

    Britney wasn’t smoking! I was staying at the Fairmont Hotel when she was stayN there while their house was being renovated, and she made sure any1 within 25 yards of her wasn’t smoking! LOL! Her security and even the hotel staff were asking people to put out their cigarettes! She seems to be making sure everything goes well with this! Kevin supposedly got mad at her when she started making him go out on their balcony to smoke! When she was at that hotel, EVERY1 including myself kept tryN to find out wut room she was in! I probably walked around that hotel for 2 hours looking for her! I only saw her a few times at the pool

  6. fandango says:

    Kevin is picking out all of the things he’s going to buy while Britney is giving birth. Go Kev – spend it away! Leave the biatch broke!

    there are plenty of witnesses who HAVE seen him smoking around her…’, ‘besides, she didn’t wait nearly long enough to get things out of her system to have good chances on a healthy baby. A little 2nd hand smoke WON’T be the problem if there is one. BTW – why would you waste 2 hours of your time looking for her unless you have some sort of obsession problem? Get help for yourself.

  7. ajbswimmer08 says:

    Yea but he hold his cig below her not in her face or he walks behind her! I think you should get yourself some help if all you do is bash people you are jealous of!

    I wud think it would be kinda hard to spend $140million wouldn’t you?? Especially when she has a prenump that says if they file for divorce, she gets anything her money paid for that’s worth over $10,000 source: Forbes Magazine

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