Kevin’s Chat With Sexy Salesgal Prompts Britney Fury

The Enquirer reports that had a jealous spat with fiance Kevin Federline while shopping at Fred Segal on Melrose . Britney was trying on some clothes, and spotted Kevin chatting with a sexy saleswoman. “What’s the matter with you!”, Britney yelled at Kevin, yanking him away from the saleswoman. Kevin pleaded, “I wasn’t flirting – I was just talking with her!” But Britney had none of it, dragging him into the changing booth screaming at Kevin, then storming out of the place first throwing the dress she had tried on at the salesgal with Kevin meekly following her out.

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4 thoughts on “Kevin’s Chat With Sexy Salesgal Prompts Britney Fury

  1. paddy says:

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    you on MSN mail
    you on sexy

  2. sayem says:

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  3. moataz says:

    how are you
    from Egypt
    can I know you

  4. Emma says:

    I would be very happy to chat with you if you give me chance. Please email me if you accept my proposal

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