Kid’s Choice Awards Feuding With Pink, Duff & Lohan

A source tells The New York Daily News that backstage at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards in L.A. last weekend, “The tension between Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff and Pink was amazingly entertaining.” An organizer revealed, “Pink was going to perform her song ‘Stupid Girls’ down with the kids [in the audience]. But word leaked that she wanted to go up to Lindsay and sing it to her. So we changed Lindsay’s seat so she couldn’t get to her.”

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One thought on “Kid’s Choice Awards Feuding With Pink, Duff & Lohan

  1. galleta says:

    I like Pink she’s got a really good voice, but her antics are starting to make her seem like more of a Stupid girl, that the stupid girls she’s singing about.

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