Kids Choice Awards Nominees

Contributed Anonymously: The 2002 Kids Choice Awards nominees were announced and *NSYNC, Britney Spears, Pink, were the big nominees in music.

Britney, Jennifer Lopez, and are all nominees in the best female category. Pink, Britney, and *NSYNC were nominated in best song of the year. Best group nominees include *NSYNC and Destiny’s Child.

Says *NSYNC Were ‘Just Lovely’

March 6, 2002 – Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel spoke with Samantha Mumba about her role in the upcoming film ‘The Time Machine’ and also asked about her singing career which included a stint opening for Orlando’s own *NSYNC. Mumba said, “They are just lovely. It was good for them and for me. I’m not really into boy bands. I am more into Toni Braxton, Lenny Kravitz, Whitney Houston. And *NSYNC aren’t as well-known in Britain. But they were the nicest guys. They didn’t have to be.”

*NSYNC End Show With A Bang

March 6, 2002 – Mekeisha Madden of The News Tribune was at Monday’s *NSYNC concert in Tacoma calling the show “one big joyride through an amusement park.” Madden added, “While most concerts start off with a big bang, coast in the middle and end with a bang, ‘N Sync took the Magic Mountain approach, starting off slowly and building anticipation in the near sellout crowd during a fine-tuned, 24-song frenzy that exploded at the very end.”

*NSYNC To Split In The Fall?

March 6, 2002 – Jeannette Walls of MSNBC reports an insider close to *NSYNC has revealed the group plans on splitting by fall. The source said, “It’s not like they don’t get along, they just have their own interests and would like to pursue solo careers. They’ve been together for something like four years now, and in the pop world, that’s a lifetime.” The person cited as being most eager on going solo for good was Justin Timberlake: “Britney’s very supportive of him being solo, but I don’t think she’s a divisive factor. She’s not Yoko Ono.” The group’s rep didn’t respond to the report.

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