Kiera Chaplin Believes Michael Jackson Is Innocent

Charlie Chaplin’s model/actress/singer granddaughter Kiera Chaplin tells Night magazine she met a few times as a child growing up in Switzerland. “He gave me one of his dolls,” she said. “I remember him as being very sweet, very kind, very gentle. He was very shy, very quiet, very polite. I don’t think he had sex with those kids. I don’t think he seems like a sexual person. I think it was a little bit inappropriate for kids to come over and sleep at his house for so long, but I don’t think he did anything bad.”

From Neverland To A California Dungeon?

June 5, 2005 – The New York Daily News caught up with former Santa Barbara County Sheriff Jim Thomas, who ran the jail for seven years, to get his thoughts on what will be in store for should the jury come down with a guilty verdict in his child molestation trial. “He will not have his wig. He will not have his makeup. There will be no deputy sheriff holding an umbrella for him,” Thomas said. “He would probably be considered a potential suicide risk and be put under 24-hour watch. Especially with a high-profile person like him, you never want anything to happen. He will not have any privacy. He will always be watched.”

Jackson Case Goes To The Jury

June 4, 2005 – After 14 weeks of testimony, the child molestation case has gone to the jury, which will decide the singer’s fate. Watch a report recapping the case and the closing arguments from CBS News correspondent Vince Gonzales below.

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