Kimberley Locke Writing & Singing In The Studio With Josh Skinner

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@kimberleylocke) on Monday (April 13), revealing her new management and what she’s been up to in the studio. The ‘American Idol’ season two finalist writes:

First of all I have new management! I am very excited to be working with Jay Schwartz. He works with one of my favorite artists, Gladys Knight. We are both extremely excited about our new partnership. We are already working on new and exciting things in regards to my career. I think you all will be happy to hear that these things are in music and television. So I’ll keep you posted.

As some of you know I’ve been writing with my friend Josh Skinner. We’ve been having fun in the studio writing and singing. We are mostly writing for other people’s projects, which is a lot of fun because I’ve never done that and it makes me feel like a REAL writer. (I know that sounds crazy). Some of the stuff could be used for my next album but it’s too early to tell.

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One thought on “Kimberley Locke Writing & Singing In The Studio With Josh Skinner

  1. Dheniss says:

    Love K-lo!!! She`s one perfect artist,she sing in one great way, love her power in every performance,especially in the song “Sirens” co-wrote by the most fantastic, amazing, wonderful,perfect, talent, and unbelievable songwriter of all universe: JOSH SKINNER!!!! He’s the most great talent of all, his lyrics shows one own spirit, and it creates one special situation in the life of who listens to his songs(lyrics). When I to listen one song wrote by Josh (Skinner) I feel it’s so special, cause He puts his own soul on it. Kim & Josh:the best team!!!!

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