Kimberley Walsh New Look Photo Shoot

Kimberley Walsh wearing and talking about denim during a photo shoot is the brand new face of New Look for the Autumn, and Girls Aloud’s official web site is offering a behind the scenes peek from the photo shoot, where viewers can see many of the designs which will soon be available. The 27-year-old talked about her love of denim, how she likes to dress it up and down, trying to dress for her shape, liking to swap colors, her fashion during the early days of Girls Aloud, how and Beyonce are her fashion role models, and more.

On favorite types of denim, Walsh said, “I love denim actually. At the moment I’m quite into the sort of denim shirt dress kind of thing. This is a version of it (that I’m wearing). I’ve already got a few different ones. Pale denim. without sleeves, with sleeves. I don’t know, it’s like everyone wants denim but a different way to wear it.”

On how she accessorizes denim, she said, “That’s the beauty of denim really. I think you really can dress a pair of jeans up or down. I think the kind of more skinny jeans tend to be more dressed up for me. I wear them at night and they look good with really high heels. For the day, maybe go with more of a looser fit, so you can be more comfortable as well and maybe get away with some more comfortable shoes.”

On her style in general, Kimberley said, “I think my main aim is just to try and dress for my shape, and not try and dress for the latest fashion if it’s gonna make me look bad. It’s really important to feel comfortable. If you wear something that you really don’t feel right in, it can change your mood. It’s not good.”

Watch it below.

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One thought on “Kimberley Walsh New Look Photo Shoot

  1. John says:

    Kimberley is so beautiful. She can wear anything she wants as long as she shows her sexy legs and high heels.

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