Kimberly Caldwell Discusses ‘Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys’

Every Wednesday leading up to the release of her debut album ‘Without Regret’, will release a new video that explains the inspiration behind tracks on the upcoming album, out April 19th. The first in this series takes on single ‘Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys’. The ‘American Idol’ alum talked about what makes her the happiest and what she wants fans to get out of the song. “I love the message, even though the title is kind of harsh,” Caldwell said. “The message for me is pretty much like you know when you’re in a club and there’s like 500 people and they’re like drunk and crazy and trying too hard, like wearing ripped t-shirts to look cool. That’s kind of when I feel the most lonely, and my happy time is when I’m hanging out with my sisters and my friends and my dogs being a dork and playing board games. That’s when I feel that I’m at my best. So I think what I’m trying to say is pretty much make sure that you’re putting all of your energy and your effort into people and things that actually deserve it.” Watch the comments via YouTube below.

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