Kina Grannis Covers ‘Disturbia’ By Rihanna

Kina Grannis with her stuffed monster posted a cover of the Rihanna hit ‘Disturbia’ over at her YouTube page.

“A little different, but I figured I haven’t got weird on you in awhile,” Kina said of the cover. She added that because of all her marathon training, she’s going to lose two of her toenails.

After watching the serial killer drama ‘Dexter’, Kina said she felt like someone broke into her apartment at 3 AM, paralyzing her in fear. “No one tried to kill me,” she said. “Someone could have been there, I don’t know.”

Watch the webisode below.

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One thought on “Kina Grannis Covers ‘Disturbia’ By Rihanna

  1. Camila says:

    i love the voice of Rihanna and her style of music. she is also a very sexy and beautiful singer just like Mariah Carey.

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