King Of Queens Star Shares *NSYNC Experience

‘King of Queens’ star Leah Remini stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday and shared a recent experience in meeting Joey Fatone of at a concert. Leah said, “Oh, yeah no, no you know when you know somebody you call everybody and tell everybody. My niece is in love with *NSYNC as you all know I go ‘You know aunt Leah knows Joey.’ She’s like ‘Nah-uh.’ So I get tickets and a car and she’s like ‘My god I love this car’, a limo, I’m showin’ off you know so we pull up I’m like, ‘Yeah, we are on the list and Joey’s from [inaudible] they go, ‘Yeah, first of all your limo has to turn around, go five blocks that way and walk back here.’ I’m like, ‘No, my name is on the list, Joey knows me and expecting me.’ They tell us, ‘Whatever we had to walk the five blocks’, right.”

“Then we get in and we go, we don’t have tickets to get back stage and I’m like my little niece an I’m embarrassed. Finally we get in and I don’t know how but we did and I’m on the phone yelling at my publicist like ‘How dare you! How dare you! You’re fired! You’re fired!’ I’m screaming like crazy. Crazy. Like my real personality [laughter] and I don’t know how this happened but I turn and screamin’ like oh, really, really, for your information, just for your information, okay, and Joey and everybody is standing there and I was like, like, ‘Hi, guys’. But it was embarrassing. I don’t know how we got there but it — anyway I hung out with us for five hours ’cause it was like five hours before the show. He hung out with us all night and so sweet to my niece and sister Nicole.”

Insists Last Night’s Orlando Show Won’t Be Their Last

April 29, 2002 – Jim Abbott of the Orlando Sentinel spoke to on the much rumored subject that *NSYNC’s show in Orlando last night was their last. JC insisted, “Nooooo… It’s not even a long break. It’s a short, short break. We want to take a bit of time to experiment.” Still, some fans are worried it may be, including Vicky French who traveled from Georgia to see the show and said, “We think this might be the last show. Lance is going up in space with the Russians, that’s a scary thing. We’re all kind of worried.”

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