King, Queen, Princess And Prince Of Pop?

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In the pop music world, you can’t help but notice that people refer to singers as the King/Queen/princess of pop….everybody has their own thoughts and opinions about who should be who, but I believe that only one person is entitled to be referred to as the King/Queen/Princess of pop but these are my choices:

King of Pop: Michael Jackson ( Thriller alone, proves he’s the ultimate king, but his other great albums and many achievements justify this as well) Many singers of today, like Eminem, Outkast, Britney, can’t help but copy MJ’s tradition of creating masterpiece video clips that are entertaining, funny, or that are serious and convey important messages to audiences. Many singers also have significant outfits and dance routines for particular songs.

Queen of Pop: Madonna (Hit after hit after hit…there is no stopping this singer! So what if she’s not a diva….she has questioned traditional morals and values, shocked audiences, and has reinvented herself…female singers of today can’t help but copy some of her fashion styles: Britney, Christina, Gwen Stefani)

Princess of Pop : Britney Spears (Despite the fact that she copies both Madge and MJ [ as they have been inspirations to her] she has STARTED, what has become the trend of being a very young female solo artist-after her incredible success others like Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, and have come around. Thus, Britney has started a significant trend. And like Madonna, Britney is unstoppable, dishing out hit after hit after hit…proving to her rivals that she is the boss.

Prince: Justin Timberlake? (Who knows? there doesn’t seem to be anyone else more worthy of this title. Or is there? For now, I’m undecided)

Before I go, I want to add that is definitely the next Alanis Morissette. I mean, both talented artists hail from Canada, and like Alanis, Avril isn’t interested in flashing flesh. She writes her own songs that have a rock edge, and are filled with strong emotions.

Do people agree/disagree with me on this one? Do people have something/someone else that they want to add?

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23 thoughts on “King, Queen, Princess And Prince Of Pop?

  1. esem says:

    Usher is the prince of pop

  2. sakura_ei says:

    I agree with your choice of king and princess of pop. But for queen of pop its got to be Janet. As for prince of pop, still undecided.

  3. nicole hodgson says:

    I think Adam Lambert will clam the title of Prince of pop very soon

  4. chrissi says:

    Janet Jackson is the Queen of pop,dance and soulful pop. Janet has talent that Madonna doesn’t have. Yeah you can say Madonna sold more, but Janet has undisputed talent dat Madonna wish she had. BTW Britney copies Janet more den Madonna, the whole dancing and singing format 4 a female was basically popularized by Janet Jackson. sorry Madonna.

  5. chini chuck says:

    Justin Timberlake is named “Prince of Pop” in Wikipedia
    under “Honorific nicknames in popular music”

  6. Leanne says:

    Prince of pop definitely should be Justin Bieber my niece loves him soz peeps family royalties come on Bieber we love you…..!! You gotta marry my niece see you in London xx

  7. Morgansamuel says:

    I think janet is the queen while chris brown is the prince of pop

  8. Morgansamuel says:

    I think chris brown is the prince of pop and janet jackson the queen of pop

  9. Marlo says:

    Justin Bieber is for sure the prince of pop. he’s made a huge transition from kiddie crooner to international pop star.

  10. jade112290 says:

    I agree with all but 1 which is the prince of pop Justin Timberlake is crap I think Justin Bieber for sure should be price me and my sister have Bieber fever come on Justin <3 <3 <3 <3

  11. Thomas says:

    Wait a minute as a male i am gonna say something Jane. Do you really think Justin Timberlake is crap and fauxjustin is great.what kind of ear do you have…or in second thought maybe you don’t have any?!!
    I don’t know if you ever heard Justin Timberlake live cause you would realise he at least sounds same as studio version bet you can’t say the same thing about Bieber i don’t think we had a chance to hear his voice because of too much autotune and drugs.he will never come closer to Justin Timberlake level and i am not even mentioning Michael Jackson cause he didn’t do anything wrong to be named in the same sentence with Bieber.good luck living with a really awful taste of music…

  12. Thomasisafaget says:

    To Thomas the reason any artist sounds just like there studio version is because there lip syncing. and all artist that lip sync perform live and most like Timberlake never get caught because gay men like you and stupid women are too blinded by his act to see that he lip sync. anyone who thinks Justin Timberlake or Bieber has good music clearly doesn’t know a damn thing about music. so it seem you or JADE not Jane you god darn retard. have no ear for real music. but of course everyone is entitled to there opinion. by the way the prince of pop “culture” is Andy Warhol because of the impact his art made on pop culture. neither Timberlake or Bieber can be prince because they have made no impact whatsoever. so just because a gay man in love with JT doesn’t you a music expert.

  13. belall says:

    Justin bieber is the prince and MJ is the king.

  14. belall says:

    Thomas you should listen to Believe acoustic by Bieber and also you should see a video of him preforming so you can see that his neck’s veins almost explode.

  15. marcos angelo says:

    I think Michael it’s the king there’s no doubt bout’ that and Madonna is the Queen to thous who say it’s Janet they’re wrong because she didn’t make the big history Madonna did during 30 years so i think Madonna is the Queen,so Britney is the princess because nobody does it like her she started a trends so she will always be around even do of her bad reputation of using drugs and all of thous things i think no one has the honor to have the Prince position cause Justin Timberlake its good but still not good enough to have that position, Justin hes good but he just has destroy himself with all the things that he do so

  16. marcos angelo says:

    I mean JB has destroy himself

  17. Jack says:

    Ok King and Queen agreed Michael and Madonna but the prince of pop is Prince the man wasnt called prince for no reason and as for the princess Janet Jackson? Cyndi Lauper

  18. Jack says:

    Though If we are talking now Adam Lambert might be the prince

  19. Jack says:

    Or princess Brittany did take the title for a bit or Christina Aguleira aswell

  20. C.B.M. says:

    MIKA was named prince of pop and little prince of pop also more than one time!

  21. T.M.R says:

    Taylor Swift is going to be the princess of pop very soon.

  22. Abztract Isight says:

    I agree that MJ is King of Pop. For America either Usher or Justin Timberlake for prince of pop. However I would like to add Jay Park to the list of prince of pop (hell he even sounds like MJ when he imitates him) and he can dance way better than the rest. Not only that he is Co-CEO of #AOMG music label. #Success like a #BOSS

  23. Ahmari Sparks?? says:

    Who is better in your opinion Janet or Brittany Spears????Michael definitely king and always will be prince Justin Timberlake ?????no ?comment to this comment to tell me who is better???????

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