Kit Culkin Issues Statement About Michael Jackson

Kit Culkin’s website is posting in defense of on his official website. The site’s webmaster states: “There has been a lot of turmoil in the media over the latest Michael Jackson documentary that aired earlier this week (February 06). And especially over the fact that Michael said he liked sharing bed with young boys, including Macaulay and Kieran Culkin. Kit says he was there for the time Michael is talking about. He slept in the house too. All his kids were raised in one room and always slept together like a little pack when there was a big bed. He trusts Michael completely. He also says that the house is relatively small and Michael’s door is open. Kit Culkin is completely supportive of Michael Jackson and he was a very protective father. So if he thought it was ok then there WAS NO problem. Thinks people should remember how to be children and stop being dirty minded adults.”

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2 thoughts on “Kit Culkin Issues Statement About Michael Jackson

  1. lindsye says:

    this is sick, I am a mother of 3 and ill be damned if anyone is going to sleep with my children in bed that is not their parents. I’m not saying something did happen and I’m not saying it didn’t, but wouldn’t it be bad parenting to allow that doorway to be open? and say something did happen to your child, you as the parent are to be the protector, and if you are allowing your child to be put in that situation then you deserve to have CPS take them away.

  2. angelina says:

    What I am saying now has nothing to do with this article. I just found out Kit Culkin son Macaulay Culkin was totally went wrong direction after he took movie of Home alone. I couldn’t find Kit Culkin website so.. But let me say How could a parent fight over child’s money!. That is insane with any regard. I thought parents are suppose help the child with what they could. Even if this is America…How could anyone be so careless about the child. money?! who cares about money! money can be useful but there won’t be any money that can pay Macaulay sadness!! how could you do that!
    I’m sorry to readers.. but I gotta say money isn’t everything. There is something more important in our life than that!.

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