Kreesha Turner Excited To Perform At DSquared Event

Kreesha Turner

Kreesha Turner checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Wednesday ( 3) with the following update:

This entire week I’m here in Toronto enjoying some of the last beautiful days of summer. Lucky me I had Labour Day off, so I got to rest up and prepare for the next couple weeks ahead! Yesterday, I performed live on ‘Canada AM’ which is our version of ‘Good Morning America’. So it was an early early morning but after I had the day to myself and even got to go see my first movie in ages :P I saw the movie “Traitor” with Don Cheadle (Hotel Rawanda). It was Deep!, making us see things from a perspective most of us could never even fathom.

This week is the beginning of the Toronto International Film Festival, ooh la la! Which I personally will get to experience for the first time!!!! :) :)

So I’ll let you guys know what that’s like next week! And as for other exciting news this week!!
I’m performing at a fashion event for international Fashion Designers, Dean & Dan Caten of ‘DSquared’!!!
Now that deserves a “WHOOP WHOOP” hehehe :) Ahhhh I’m so excited!!
Anyways all, I’ll holla next week!

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