Kris Allen’s Wife Has Tiger Woods Syndrome

Tiger Woods Syndrome apparently is an epidemic sweeping the nation, where paranoid wives constantly worry that their “nice guy” husbands are secretly cheating on them every time they leave the house.

“She always keeps having bad dreams,” ‘American Idol’ season eight winner confessed to TMZ when asked if his wife Katy has voiced any concern following the golf great’s marital infidelity. “She’s like, ‘I keep reading all this stuff about Tiger and I keep having bad dreams.'”

Watch the segment via YouTube below.

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2 thoughts on “Kris Allen’s Wife Has Tiger Woods Syndrome

  1. Annie says:

    Who was that guy he was with?

  2. paolo says:

    oh really…i don’t think woods have any influenced on her problem…every wife’s has that thought cos anytime their man can cheat on them..anyway you can check this out…

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