KT Tunstall Discusses ‘Tiger Suit’

released her latest album ‘Tiger Suit’ earlier this week. The Scottish singer/songwriter tried some different things on the new album, all the while remaining true to her roots. Fox All Access producer Jeff Axelrod caught up with her backstage before a performance at Hollywood’s Hotel Cafe to talk about the new album, including the unusual story behind its title.

“The idea for the album came from a recurring dream I had since I was a kid,” Tunstall said. “I walk out into my garden or into somewhere really familiar, and there’s a tiger lying in the grass or in the road, and I pet it. Then I go inside and it’s only when I look out the window afterward I’m like, ‘Oh my God, he could have killed me. I’m crazy, what was I doing?’ It sort of as an adult reminds me of how I approach my performances quite a lot of the time where I won’t really think about what I’m doing until afterward.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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