KT Tunstall Finds The Recording Studio Confines Frustrating

KT Tunstall in the car before going to meet a fan talked with Artisan News Service about recording her new album ‘Drastic Fantastic’, and how she didn’t like spending time in the studio.

“I’m still very, very unaccustomed to working in the studio,” the Scottish singer/songwriter admitted. “I don’t particularly like it, yet. I’m very impatient, and I find it frustrating. And I find it way to analytical. My acoustic record I loved, because we recorded an album in a day. You sit and play the songs, and press record, and then you have an album at the end of the day. That’s how always recorded songs when I was growing up as a musician. This whole kind of sitting down with the math, and the science of it… and I can hear it makes a great sound, but I can’t say I enjoy the process very much.”

Watch the interview at YouTube.

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