KT Tunstall: I’m Really Glad Lady Gaga Exists

KT Tunstall

spoke with M Is For Music in a Q&A, where the Scottish singer songwriter talked about her just released new album ‘Tiger Suit’ and the impact Lady Gaga is having on the music charts right now. “Lady Gaga is one of those artists I am really glad exists – the world needs her,” Tunstall said. “She has a great voice, and anyone with that much creative vision deserves a place at the high table of pop. It’s impressive that someone in this crazy, saturated day and age can come in and wipe the floor with everyone else like that. Power to her.”

The story at misformusic.com has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “KT Tunstall: I’m Really Glad Lady Gaga Exists

  1. emma says:

    thanks for posting this up! I interviewed KT for misformusic.com and she is so down to earth, a lovely woman! Album is wicked too :)

  2. casey says:

    I love the trousers

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