KT Tunstall On Being In Character, Love Of Art

met up with andPOP at the Drake Hotel in Toronto, where the singer songwriter talked about being in character on her albums and sometimes on stage if she’s in a bad mood, her love for painting, and not having to be told if a piece of art is good.

“The character that I embody as a musician really only exists in pictures,” KT said about her character’s progress from her prior album. “Because I consider the recorded album very different from the live thing. It sounds different, I can go different places with it. I don’t feel any pressure to just completely reconstruct what you hear on an album on a stage, and in fact I would definitely error on the side of deliberately changing it so that you go and see something different, and shaking it up regularly. I don’t want to play a character on stage, I want to be myself. If you’ve had a really, really bad day, you don’t want to go on stage and just be a cow, you have to play a character to an extend that you don’t. But a gig usually cheers me up if I’ve had a bad day anyway, so it kind of works itself out.”

Watch the brief interview below.

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