Kyle And Jackie O. Chat With Jennifer Lopez About Fur Use

A portion of the interview on the Kyle and Jackie O. show has been posted over at PETA’s anti-fur website, The singer justifies the use of fur in her Sweetface Fashion line, but Jackie took the opportunity to educate her on how that fur is obtained. The entire interview has yet to be posted at the Austereo DJs’ website.

The brief clip at has since been removed.

Mariah Visits ‘TRL’ UK As J.Lo Video Premieres To Boos

March 25, 2005 – A MTV UK viewer posted an update on Mariah Carey’s appearance on ‘Total Request Live’ in London on Thursday (March 24). “It was filled with Mariah Lovers,” superglowy wrote at “It was amazing, the crowd really seemed to love her. That’s not the funny part though. The same day she was in the studio, they decide to premiere the new [Jennifer Lopez] video [‘Hold You Down’], causing all the Mariah fan’s in the studio to boo and yell J.Lo insults. I think you can secretly see Mariah’s smile get wider. But the presenters where trying to get the fans to come around, but they just booed every time J.Lo was mentioned.”

Cesar Album Repackaged After Vazquez Hype; J.Lo Fizzling

March 22, 2005 – Roger Friedman of reports flamenco guitarist Cesar’s ‘Worlds of Change’ album is quickly being repackaged and re-merchandised to more prominently feature ‘American Idol’ drop-out Mario Vazquez’s newfound celebrity. “We’ve released the album. And obviously the fans who love Mario and want to hear him don’t have to be sad,” said Steve Dunning of the tiny Los Angeles label Darque Records. Read more, including Friedman’s thoughts on Jennifer Lopez’s lackluster ‘Rebirth’ sales, which he said indicate J.Lo’s “music career is in big trouble”, here.

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7 thoughts on “Kyle And Jackie O. Chat With Jennifer Lopez About Fur Use

  1. rashid says:

    I love you so much please contact me on my Email

  2. Filio Tsami says:

    Although I love and respect Jennifer I think she should give the fur up. It is very barbaric, it is worse than killing animals for meat. Animals in fur farms truly suffer.

  3. grisela panzrdi says:

    Dear Jennifer Lopez you don’t now how much I love so much even my whole family love you a lot because the only thing is I also love music especially love don’t cost a thing and alive also ain’t it funny those are my favorite well see you latter your fan Grisela Rose Panzardi

  4. grisela panzrdi says:

    hey what’s up Jennifer Lopez how are you girl did you know that I now every song of yours it is coll which I love you so much even my mom and my whole family does well good bye love Grisela Panzardi

  5. jennifer says:

    Hey what’s up I like your music so much I almost have all your songs in my head. Email me so we can talk more.

  6. griselapanzardi says:

    Hey J.Lo how are you doing to day did you know I love all of your songs they are so cool yo listen I hope you give me a call

  7. parisa noble says:

    Jennifer Lopez is a heartless and self obsessed.
    Anybody who can feel comfortable funding those who skin animals alive doesn’t deserve any wealth or popularity no matter what ‘talent’ they have.
    Unlike some artists who try to put use their advantages of having wealth and popularity to good use, making a difference in the world and for one will not give her the satisfaction of supporting her music. By the way, I’m fifteen and if I understand that its wrong to mistreat animals (as I did when I was ten), then I’m sure that the beloved Jennifer Lopez isn’t that naive and gormless.

    This is what your funding by giving this women money:

    Please watch if you have a heart, Thank You.

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