Kylie Has A Sense Of Humor About Herself, Unlike Madonna

Neva Chonin of the San Franscisco Chronicle profiled on her comeback success in the U.S. market. Elisabeth Vincentelli, Time Out New York music editor said, “She’s very camp, and I love that artifice and the way she embraces it. Madonna doesn’t have that kind of self-awareness. She has no sense of humor. It’s her biggest downfall. Kylie has nothing but humor.” Read more.

Baz Luhrmann Sad Over Kylie Minogue’s Small Film Role

March 26, 2002 – ‘Moulin Rouge’ director Baz Luhrmann tells TV Guide that he is upset over the small amount of screen time he gave in the film playing the part of the Green Fairy. Baz said he would have loved to give her more screen time but couldn’t in interest of telling the story: “I’m sad, because I love Kylie,” he admits. “I’ve worked with her for years. But it was one of those things.”

Thanks Fans For #1 TRL Spot

March 24, 2002 – Kylie Minogue thanked fans on her official website Sunday for their work in getting her to the number one position on MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday and Friday. Kylie wrote, “Thank you to all of you who voted ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ all the way up to number one on MTV’s TRL in the States. Fantastic!! Some of you may have caught the repeat of ‘An Audience With…’ this evening. I hope you enjoyed it. Love to you all, Kylie.”

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