Kylie Minogue Considers Intimate “Anti-Tour”

‘Dannii asks, Kylie answers: Part 3’ has been posted, where asks a series of questions to her sister Kylie Minogue. The elder Minogue talked about putting together a musical, if she’s considering a duets album, which song of each other’s they would do, doing an anti-tour of non singles or new material and stripped down production, and wanting to be in a great British drama.

“I really like the idea of an anti-tour. The opposite of this,” the 43-year-old said, referring to her ‘Aphrodite’ tour. “I don’t think I can get bigger than this production. It would be really great to do tiny, intimate shows: no dancing, no lights. There’s nothing flash about it. (I’d be) performing songs that would never ever, ever have a hope in hell of being in a show like this. (It would be) only fan-known B-sides or songs that I’ve just done once.”

The sibling chat at has since been removed.

Credits U.S. Sell-Out Tour To Loyal Gay Audience

May 25, 2011 – talked with ITN about fame in America after finishing a sell-out tour of the States.

“Here, my core fan base has been my gay audience,” the Australian pop star said of the American support. “They’ve really been with me through thick and thin. They are the ones raising the roof each night with the show.”

Watch the report via Muzu below.

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