Kylie Minogue Gives Looks That Could Kill To Gooding’s Galpal

The Sun has details on what really caused Kylie Minogue’s bust-up with on-off boyfriend James Gooding following the Brit Awards. The model introduced Kylie to his date for the night, Victoria Harrison, then confessed that he had been secretly going out with her for more than two months.

“James introduced her as his new girlfriend but Kylie refused to speak to her,” a source close to Harrison said. “And talk about if looks could kill. Instead of being her usual polite self, Kylie gave her a dirty look and walked off. Kylie was livid that James had brought her along to the party. She thought he was being very insensitive. After that she kept giving Victoria icy stares. Victoria was pretty upset and James was furious. He tried to speak to Kylie about it and that’s when her minders held him back. At first everyone just thought it was James acting silly but the truth is Kylie started it.”

James Gooding Wants To Reconcile With Kylie Minogue

February 23, 2003 – The Sunday People has yet another take on Kylie Minogue’s bust-up with on/off boyfriend James Gooding. While others said Gooding was jealous of Kylie being fondled by star Justin Timberlake, a pal revealed, “It wasn’t that at all. James is desperate to get back with Kylie. He misses her so much that he was in tears too. It really hurts and James is cracking up without her. It’s very sad and I just hope he hasn’t left it too late.”

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