Kylie Minogue: ‘My Nervous Breakdown’

In a BBC Radio 2 interview to be broadcast tomorrow, has revealed how a nervous breakdown forced her to slow down her hectic workload. “I did say work is easy, life can be hard. But now I’m actually making a concerted effort to give myself breaks, to see my boyfriend [Olivier Martinez], to make time for life whereas before … I can’t even put it into words,” Minogue explained. “There was so much going on and because I like to think that I’m quite strong, and have a strong constitution and yes, I can do it, I can do it, I can do it, learning to say no has been very difficult, you know.”

No Impending Wedding For Kylie Minogue & Olivier Martinez

November 10, 2003 – In an interview with The Mirror, Kylie Minogue insisted a wedding with boyfriend Olivier Martinez are still some way off. She said, “I haven’t got a ring, and no, he did not get down on one knee and sing: ‘I can’t get you out of my head.’ I’m not engaged. Never was, never have been and have no intentions of being.” Meanwhile, Kylie has reassured fans she won’t be covering up her bum forever. “I just didn’t want to repeat myself, so it’s taken a back seat,” she said. “There’s no getting rid of it really, is there? What can I do? I can’t take the body away.”

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4 thoughts on “Kylie Minogue: ‘My Nervous Breakdown’

  1. Madfan says:

    I love Kylie, but she’s a copycat: MARIAH owns the copyright on nervous breakdowns

  2. Tig says:

    God, these boring comments regarding Mariah, let’s see all those H O’s have had breakdowns… Britney has been depressed issues Christina wrote about it on Stripped Madonna has had her issues Lauren Hill has flipped out too Whitney is on mars Foxy BROWN has a depression problem Lil Kim has self-esteem issues Barbara Streisand has panic issues Mary J. Blige had self-esteem & drug issues all these superstars get huge and have issues. That’s the way it is. We don’t hound them bout it, we accept that they are not perfect

  3. Madfan says:

    Exactly. but Mariah DOES own the copyright.

  4. SJ says:

    HATER-HO Madfan… Your f**kin lame!. You can’t own copyright for a breakdown. IDIOT!

    Britney, Kylie, X-tina and Sheryl Crow admit to having a “BREAKDOWN”. Not just MARIAH

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