Kylie Minogue Only Interviews Lying Down

did an interview with Damien on Total Request Live lying down at Radio City Music Hall. Kylie claimed she was too tired to stand and talked about her nominations tonight, what she’ll be wearing, and how dancers don’t look forward to doing her videos because of the wacky costumes they end up wearing. Read on for a transcript.

Damien: Hanging here at the video music awards. I don’t think that has ever been done before.

Kylie: It has to be done. I I’m exhausted.

Damien: I am too. Hours and hours. People don’t realize, you guys at home think it’s like a slick production.

Kylie: You think the VMAs is all fun and games?

Damien: It isn’t. It’s a lot of hard work. I’ve been working hard with Kylie Minogue. You’re known all over the world. Australian sensation. Everyone digs your fashion sentence. And your latest video you’ve got these kraiso cargo pants.

Kylie: I’ve got more cargo pants on today.

Damien: That’s your style. What are you going to be wearing to the show?

Kylie: I’m wearing an an — angaro.

Damien: I’m not big into dresses. Is that nice?

Kylie: It is nice. I was wondering what everyone else would be wearing as women do.

Damien: Right.

Kylie: What is everyone else wearing?

Damien: Of course.

Kylie: And i thought a lot of people might come kind of streety, cool, yo —

Damien: You want to be dressed up.

Kylie: I thought I’m going to dress up.

Damien: Very cool. You’re up for two awards, best dance video and best choreographer. I think you’ll take best choreographer for “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.” You make take both. Since I’m so convinced you’re going to win, give me your acceptance speech. Here’s your award. Nice Moonman. What would you say?

Kylie:  Thank you. What would I kai say. I would like to thank. I would thank Michael Loony, choreographer. And i would thank the dancers for putting up with plastic buckets on their heads for two days of filming.

Damien: What is up with that, the whole difficult to look. I like that.

Kylie: That’s the easiest of the costumes we’ve had dancers in since that time. They say you’ve got the Kylie gig and they go, great, oh, no, what am i going to be wearing.

Damien: Looks good. And congratulations on all the nominations and hopefully you’ll win.

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