Kylie Minogue Shakes Her Ass 251 Times A Show

Richard Smith of The Mirror was at a recent Kylie Minogue concert and reports back afterwards that the singer performs 251 bottom wiggles during her set. One of her aides told the paper, “It’s her secret weapon. She likes to put on some dance music and give it some serious shake.”

Kylie Minogue’s Boyfriend Spotted Cuddling With Another Woman

April 30, 2002 – The Mirror reports Kylie Minogue’s model boyfriend James Gooding is remaining in London while she’s on tour, and he’s apparently been on the prowl for other women. A spy revealed he was canoodling with a Kylie lookalike. “They were very cozy, snuggling up in the back row with his arm around her shoulders,” he said.

Kylie Minogue Doesn’t Need Any Fancy Hotels

April 30, 2002 – The Mirror reports Kylie Minogue has very simple requirements for her accommodations while out of town, refusing to make diva-like demands many of her peers are known for. A source revealed, “She likes to be comfortable but isn’t that worried about how many stars a hotel has slapped on it. A hotel for Kylie to stay in must be quiet, clean and easy for security measures to be dealt with, but not necessarily the best in the area. She never makes diva-like demands and is a pleasure to work with.”

Kylie Minogue Recovering From Virus With Homeopathic Remedies

April 28, 2002 – Ananova reports Kylie Minogue has promised to continue her UK tour as she recovers from a virus that has affected her voice. Kylie said, “I’m feeling so much better. I’m nearly 100% recovered and looking forward to the rest of the tour. Everyone’s been really supportive and helped me through it.” Kylie has been helped by vocal exercises, Chinese herbs, homeopathic remedies and throat massage.

Kylie Minogue Struggles With Her Voice As Tour Begins

April 27, 2002 – News of the World checked in with Kylie Minogue following her opening night performance in Cardiff where the singer admitted, “I really struggled out there tonight because of my voice. It’s been really bad and, yes, I’m losing my voice, so it wasn’t as strong tonight.” Still, don’t look for Minogue to cancel any stops to rest up, “I don’t want to let the fans down. We’ve worked flat out for six months on this tour and no one is going to stop me from performing.”

Kylie Minogue Overcomes Sore Throat In Tour Opener

April 27, 2002 – Nicole Lampert of the Sun was on hand at Kylie Minogue’s UK concert opening at the Cardiff Arena in Wales on Friday. Lampert says, “The set list will not disappoint old or new fans, with numbers spanning the 33-year-old’s hits going back to the Eighties.” As for Kylie, she had to overcome a sore throat to put on the show, telling the crowd, “You have to excuse me. I have not been well recently and I have a frog in my throat. Everyone has been working really hard to make me better and cancel is not a word in my vocabulary.”

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