Kylie Minogue’s ‘Bewitched’ Life

has revealed that she carries out a string of mystical witch rituals every day for good luck, and says she should have been cast to star in the big screen version of ‘Bewitched’ instead of Nicole Kidman. “I should be in ‘Bewitched’ instead of Nicole because that’s what my life is like,” she said. “I start each day by turning the teapot three times clockwise and once anti-clockwise. It brings me luck and I’ve had plenty of that through the years.”

Louis Walsh Slams Kylie

November 23, 2004 – Pop svengali Louis Walsh claims that Kylie Minogue wouldn’t win the talent show he fronts, including ‘X-Factor’. “Kylie is all dazzle,” Walsh said. “She entertains and people love her but nobody talks about her voice – they talk about her ass. Kylie is a good looking girl and a great dancer but if she auditioned for X-Factor she probably wouldn’t get through the vocal.”

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