Kylie Minogue’s ‘Heartbreak’ Over ‘Phoney’ Olivier Martinez

The Sunday Mirror reports Olivier Martinez dumped by phone, told his family he was distraught about it, and then spent the night with a mystery brunette. “Poor Kylie was smitten with Martinez from the moment she first met him and never wanted to let him go,” a source revealed. “The worse his behavior got, the more she seemed desperate to make it work. She wanted marriage, children. It’s almost as though he has tried to provoke her into dumping him to avoid being labelled ‘the cad who dumped Kylie after her cancer struggle’. Now he has dumped her – down a telephone line. He couldn’t even do it face-to-face. That just sums him up. At the height of her illness she went to Paris to be treated because he didn’t want to go to Australia. But who was it who went with Kylie to her radiotherapy most of the time? Her mum. Before he met Kylie, he just wasn’t a household name. Now, of course, he is.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Malone: Kylie’s Rock Is Simply A Gutless Coward

February 4, 2007 – Carole Malone of The Sunday Mirror weighed in on news and Olivier Martinez have ended their relationship. “As if she hadn’t been through enough,” Malone writes. “Now as well as breast cancer and the hourly fear that it may come back and take her. As well as the stresses of a grueling world tour and the viruses that keep attacking her body because she’s so weak, it now turns out that Olivier Martinez – the man Kylie boasted was her rock – is such a gutless coward that instead of ending their four-year relationship face-to-face he humiliated her by taking out a string of women and then dumping her in a phone call.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Olivier Came First Even As Kylie Battled Cancer

February 4, 2007 – The parents of Kylie Minogue’s anxieties reached a new pitch when consideration for her then boyfriend Olivier Martinez became a key factor in the singer’s decisions about her cancer treatment. “When Ollie stayed at the family home after she came home from surgery, everything had to revolve around him,” a family friend explained to The Daily Mail. “Kylie was recovering from a major operation but she was worried whether he was happy. In the end he went back to Europe saying he was sick of hospitals. Then he insisted Kylie continued her treatment in Paris. It caused a huge family rift. [Kylie’s father] Ron wanted her to stay in Australia and be treated by people they knew and trusted. But Kylie did what Olivier wanted.”

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