LA Law To Leave Britney Spears And Other Celebs Alone Debated

Should their be a to leave alone law? ‘Showbiz Tonight’ host AJ Hammer spoke with Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine, who is proposing the paparazzi restrictions, as well as Sheeraz Hasan, the founder of, who argues the laws won’t work. “I’ll tell you why we need a law. Not only to protect the celebrities, to protect the general public,” Zine argued. “Someone goes out and gets a camera. All of a sudden they’re paparazzi, no credentials. They freelance out there creating chaos on the roads and we have a population in Los Angeles that’s fed up with it. We`re an entertainment capital. We`ve got celebrities all over Los Angeles from Malibu to Beverly Hills. We have an obligation to protect them, the general population and what the paparazzi have done has gotten out of control. They’re creating a hazard for everyone and when we have to spend $25,000 of taxpayers` money to escort an ambulance with Britney Spears to the hospital, we have gone over the top. It is their conduct, their lack of respect for people, the lack of respect for the law, 80 miles per hour down the streets, wrong side of the road, jumping out, swarming cars is what`s creating this. They have created this dilemma. We need to correct it and the way we`re going to correct it is by coming up with some sanctions, some laws to bring back a little sense of decorum and respectability. I don’t care if they take the photo. I don’t care if they do their job, but they have gotten out of control and the numbers keep growing. They’ll be up to 100 paparazzi at a site, up to 100 swarming a car. We can’t tolerate that in our City of Angels.”

Hasan responded, “First of all I respect his decision but here’s the bottom line. It’s faster to become a millionaire being a paparazzi than playing the lottery. You’re saying yes to the 100 paparazzi. There is going to be 200, 300, even 400 if the media outlets are paying millions of dollars for a shot of Britney Spears or Angelina’s kids or whoever that demand is there. It’s a supply and demand. The entire entertainment industry makes billions of dollars on Hollywood. So you’ve got to remember, Britney Spears, you know, the Britney law which is great, yeah, you’re going to try and put some kind of hurdles there. The bottom line is, the reason why paparazzis go the extra mile is because they’re getting paid. If they’re not paid big money, trust me, people will not be sitting outside Britney Spears’ house day and night, 24 hours a day. If a magazine is calling up and saying, we’ll pay you millions of dollars to get this shot, I don’t care what law is in place. People are going to do whatever it takes to get the shot. And the paparazzi are designing what you are seeing on your television or in your magazines.” Watch the segment below the fold.

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