Lachey Ponders Divorce From ‘Pampered Bimbo’ Simpson

NW magazine reports that of 98 Degrees and are close to a divorce after a much-televised two-year marriage. “They’re living single lives these days – I wouldn’t be surprised if both of them are on the market in a few months,” a source close to Lachey revealed. The source claims that Lachey said after an argument with Simpson: “If I’d wanted a bimbo I’d have married Paris Hilton.”

Wins Daisy Duke Role

September 25, 2004 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “Jessica Simpson has won the role of Daisy Duke in the upcoming ‘Dukes of Hazard’ movie. They say it’s a real smart script, but Jessica says, ‘Hey, she’s gonna do it anyway’.”

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7 thoughts on “Lachey Ponders Divorce From ‘Pampered Bimbo’ Simpson

  1. milasmine says:

    Okay…I tried to stay of of here and I will probably do so after I say… OMG…: “If I’d wanted a bimbo I’d have married Paris Hilton.” That is the funniest&truest thing I have ever heard!!! Though, unfortunately Nick probably did not say it, but I bet a lot of people think it. LOL…I have got to go and change my pants now;)

  2. XxmissyxX says:

    Oh whatever. they LOVE each so much and its obvious on the show. I luv that Smarty Jones comment..heh, I watched that Kentucky Derby eppy today. anyways.

  3. SpiceSquirrel says:

    I’ve heard a lot about him not being happy in the marriage lately. If these reports are not true, he should do an interview on TV and deny them.

  4. galleta says:

    This is so not true, Nick ain’t stupid, he is not gonna give up his meal ticket, plus I really think he loves her.

  5. PandaBear2003 says:

    Oh PLEASE. Jessica is NOT his meal ticket. JESSICA just finished paying off her THREE MILLION DOLLAR DEBT to Sony THIS YEAR so where is she raking in the big bucks? Nick is NOT happy, and if you really look closely you can SEE IT as he NEVER hides his emotions especially around Jessica. HE CANNOT STAND HER, the marriage has ALWAYS Been in name only and it’s NOW just a matter of days before the TRUTH is released.

  6. PhiSig269 says:

    I sorta agree he doesn’t ever really look to happy with her some days they look cute but most of the time he looks annoyed he even said in one episode that he has better arguments with a spoon & him and his brother are always talking ***** about her cause she acts dumb. They finally paid off all there debts and we will probably here about how unhappy they are for a while cause if they break up they are gonna loose $ especially for the comedy hours they have planned and stuff. But I see a divorce instead of a happily ever after!

  7. AntiBubbleGumMachine says:

    Tongues are definitely wagging with this one and wagging LOUDLY!!! Jealously, envy, you named it! Everyone in the media are saying that their marriage is on the rocks even though both parties of Nick and Jessica are denying it. expect the separation be announced either end of this year or after new years. Either way, you can this fairy-tale romance is KAPUT!

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