Lady Gaga And Vincent Herbert At KIIS FM

Lady Gaga wearing sunglassesLady Gaga ‘Transmission Gaga-vision’ episode 26 features the pop singer making a visit to KIIS FM in Los Angeles. She talked about the inspiration behind her hair bow while signing copies of her photo before introducing viewers to Streamline Records President Herbert, who she said “discovered me”, adding, “I really think that we’ve made pop history, and we’re gonna keep going.”

“The hair bow is inspired by a 2008 John (garbled) fashion show,” Gaga said about her hair. “He did all kinds of hair shapes including an elephant, a hat. I think a giraffe as well at his show, but vacant on his menu was a hair bow, so I did it.”

Watch the video via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Lady Gaga And Vincent Herbert At KIIS FM

  1. AMORA says:

    Lady Kaka is a manufactured product and nothing like the other real artists Vince has helped launch. We would’ve been more impressed if he discovered Stefanie Germanotta instead. She would’ve had more legitimacy and longevity (she was originally marketed as the white Alicia Keys). This whole situation is fishy because it is clear this is not really her musical style but rather a character they created for shock value, propaganda, and agenda. If we wanted a Madonna rehash, we can view YouTube history. Fact is she wasn’t good enough to sell as Stefanie Germanotta…so they stole ideas from other artists that have sold big and marketed a phony to us. They r lying about her record sales and it was a ploy to save the majors from demise. As lil miss Kaka likes to rips the head off a Santa doll, maybe someone should take her mask off and show who she really is without all the PEA-COCKING…it’s not fabulous it’s just a fraud

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