Lady GaGa Comment On Christina Aguilera VMA Performance Likely Fabricated

There’s a report making the rounds online that Blender Magazine spoke with to get her thoughts on Christina Aguilera’s performance at the 2008 Video Music Awards over the weekend, which prompted some to say Aguilera was imitating her look. “A lot of people have been saying that she is copying my style with her new song,” GaGa supposedly remarked. “I guess it bares somewhat of a resemblance but I wouldn’t say she is copying me. This type of dance music is becoming more popular and I don’t blame her for wanting to make and perform it. Her performance was great and {‘Keeps Gettin Better’} is a hot track.” The only problem, the story isn’t at, and obviously it’s not in the magazine, appearing last night on Wikipedia without an attribution link. It is likely this was posted by an Aguilera fan in an effort to blunt the copying criticism.

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37 thoughts on “Lady GaGa Comment On Christina Aguilera VMA Performance Likely Fabricated

  1. Jennifer says:

    I hope it’s true that she said that because it would just set things straight. Hopefully we’ll see it on their website sometime soon.

  2. mashia6 says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw Christina was, “Why is she copying Lady Gaga?” I’d be pissed if I was Gaga.

  3. jbame says:

    Gaga is genius- I don’t think Christina copied her- Gaga’s hair styles is one of those timeless looks that Christina just liked as well.

  4. gossipgirlxoxo says:

    **********READ ALL***********************

    I heard that Christina had this look long before gaga, but I think that Christina’s song keeps getting better is only good if you hear it once or twice. Christina’s look has become so boring. I don’t know how Lady Gaga does it but she rocks it! I think Christina should drop this while she can and pick a new look before her phenomenal talent as an artist and the ability to reinvent herself goes to waste as her career goes down the tube as fans become uninterested.
    Don’t get me wrong I love them both but as it goes Christina just hasn’t put herself out there and if she doesn’t think of something fast, and start delivering hits more then once ever 4 months, she’ll end up a nobody. It would be such a waste too. All I see is Gaga getting better and better. She knows what audiences wants and I definitely see her personality shine through her performances and her music videos.
    Big things are coming her way and I also think Aguilera should drop the computerized style. The performance at the VMA’s was phenomenal. All she needs is to reinvent herself to get back out there! At least for maxes sake! (her son) Who wants to remember there mom as a washed up popstar??

  5. Lalalalalala says:

    This is the real statement from Lady GaGa regarding Xtina’s much commented “rip-off” look of her:

    US Weekly: Everyone say Christina’s biting your style now. Thoughts on that?
    Lady Gaga: Anyone with two eyes can see the resemblance. But I’m really flattered to inspire a superstar. There’s room for all of us.

    Source: ONTD & xtina_aguilera
    Thanks to xtina.ent :)

    Right now,I’m really into Lady GaGa.I actually miss Christina’s Baby Jane look.That was something that really inspired me.I don’t know what to say with her new “self” though.Christina is one hell of a creative lady but she needs to ditch that look soon enough.Futuristic is cool but that look really needs to be changed!

  6. P. Murray says:

    Even if the styles are similar visually, Aguilera’s musical catalog and media diversity have stood the test of time, especially in an industry where ‘Now’ is the name of the game. While GaGa is offering something fresh and exciting to the business, Aguilera has the ability to work her way through this style period and reinvent herself with the knowledge that her following is solid. I’m sure Lady GaGa will happily make her mark in the industry without having to worry about a 10yr+ pop veteran needing to “rip” off her style. Let the girls breathe, kids!

  7. Ben says:

    Christina I HATE YOUR FU**ING GUTTS. how dare you copy the most amazing singer in the world. Christina stop coping people Stealing Britney Spears style and now THE GAGA . YOU idiot. STOP………. ok BYE

  8. Debbie says:

    Wow I had to do a second look at the picture to realize that was Christina and not Lady GaGa. Not sure what’s going on with all that but I think both women have wonderful and amazing singing ability’s!! I would think that Lady GaGa would be impressed that another singer would want to try what she is doing! So I found a website that has free screensavers and Lady Gaga is one of them. I had to download it because I’m such a big fan of her. here’s the link:

  9. Kieran Kilgallon says:

    I don’t think Lady Gaga has much of a right to be pissed off. She pretty much ripped off Roisin Murphy, but has worse songs and clothes

  10. shootladygaga says:

    Lady Gaga is a talentless, unattractive (by that I mean ugly as f**k), loser who wouldn’t know the first thing about creative fashion or looking good and is simply going for a Michael Jackson/Marilyn Manson shock/weird factor to stay in the spotlight of tard brains. And anyone that listens to her joke of what she calls albums, which she would never have had 10 or 15 years ago without the help of digital synthesizers to disguise her voice and make her sound like a handicapped robot, clearly has 0 ear for musical talent. Christina is one of the sexiest and most vocally talented people in the industry! Go Christina! Someone please “accidentally” run Gag-gag over with bus!

  11. sdasjdalk says:

    I completely agree. Gaga’s VMA performance was horrible, she couldn’t sing at all…you could say its because of her dance or w/e but pink was in the air flipping around and sang 10x better then she did. She looked like a fool in some of those outfits…I don’t think she’s fashion forward or good looking. She just wants attention. I’m a fan of neither Christina or Gaga but I prefer Christina because she is actually talented.

  12. olivia says:

    Christina had to do that too because of the song she was performing duh anyone who says she’s copying is a idiot Britney Spears and Christina grew up together in the mickey mouse club Britney Spears career just launched faster than Christina’s and #2 she is not copying lady bitch who don’t wear no fu**ing pants because after she had her son she changed that look the song keeps getting better is about a super hero Lady Gaga has no sense of style what so ever she dress like a slut technically speaking Lady Gaga is copying pink Gwen Stefani and Britney Spears hes ugly and need to stop walking around all stuck up like she is all that when she only got 4 songs out so she is not an inspiration to nothing

  13. pretty says:

    well I think that Christina is USING the look a little but Lady Gaga is out there Christina’s time is running out or has runned? Out she isn’t doing to much now a days you know! as for Lady Gaga style she admits that she like’s other people style and who has the right to call it stealing?? Christina didn’t steal Lady Gaga look and Lady Gaga isn’t stealing anyone else look I think she bring something new to music =] makes me buy c.d’s from the store…. as for people who says she’s ugly ok big deal not every one is a cover girl or America’s next top model there are tons of funny looking singers but me I think Lady Gaga’s freaking hot!! I hate that people compare one another starts drama with celebs for no reason but Lady Gaga didn’t give a soggy review its the people who flipped it around and made it sound so bad! =[ smh both of them are paid and I’m glad they don’t have a feud going I like the way they are being respectable ladies chat more with me on twitter @gagaextreme xx Terri

  14. megan says:

    Aguilera is not copying GaGa. I just want all you people to think about this. Lady Gaga has been out since 2008. Christina has been out years before GaGa. as for the hair comparison, who was blonde first? Gaga is a natural brunette and Aguilera has been blonde way before Lady Gaga was even out.

  15. LadyLuna says:

    First off, this article must be ridiculously out-of-date? One hit wonder? Wow, you couldn’t even wait until after her first hit started getting popular before commenting on her career? That was smart. Especially since now she’s got about 7 singles out and it hasn’t even been a year.

    Secondly, just because Christina was famous first, doesn’t give her the right to be a complete bitch. I think her comments about Lady Gaga were tasteless, un-classy and shows that she can’t handle the fame of a fellow music artists. This isn’t the first feud she’s had with other singers. And Lady Gaga had nothing but nice things to say about her in return. What a sweetheart. And Christina, you’re a bitter old cow. Never heard of her because you don’t go on the internet? Yeah, so I suppose you also never listen to the radio, watch TV, read a magazine or a newspaper? Right. Nice try.

  16. sammy says:

    slow down there killer lets get some things straight. Gaga didn’t say anything nice about Christina nothing; and did you forget that Christina now has child yea she is being a mother so I can see if she hasn’t heard of her yet. I never new about Gaga until poke her face came out. secondly,yes is dose make a difference that Christina was first. why? because she was blond first if you want to go in to hair style and Christina looks have always changed. her new video was basically pop art which if you love pin up and 40’s and 50’s stuff you are sure to be a fan of pop art it is a given. If any of you bone heads watched her video Christina was cat woman (she dressed like the very first cat woman. And I’m sure none of you know who that first cat woman was or even know what the first cat woman look like so ill help you out it was Julie Newmar. when she did her performance it was like dressing like cat woman. why the hell would she copy gaga so are you saying no one has ever warn a black suit in a performance. Also lady Gaga’s hair use to be black then she died it blond and got it cute like Christina. she said she died it blond because people said she looked like Amy Winehouse. so if Lady Gaga has a problem then change you hair again. Christina had been around longer then her and if people were smart and did their research they would see its gaga doing to copying and their style is way different. Christina has class and doesn’t dress like a freak or act odd on stage. I’m sorry I use to like Gaga I lost all respect for her now.

  17. sammy says:

    I forgot to add what about Gaga’s video Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
    yea that is so Christina right their.

    Gaga is a JOKE

  18. Turkey says:

    Ok…first of all, Christina has been around for what a decade now. Her song “Keeps Gettin Better” that came out back in 2008 came out before anyone knew who Lady Gaga was. She performed it at the 2008 VMA’s, which took place in Sept. 08. Lady Gaga’s first record came out a month later in Oct. So no one really knew what or who Lady Gaga was yet. So you can’t say Christina is copying her style. Christina has always done her own thing and never really cared what others thought of her. She is extremely talented…especially with her voice much more so than Lady Gaga. And Christina is not a “has been”…she has done extremely well for herself (more than any of you ya-hoo’s)and she is being a true mother to her son and not always having some nanny taking care of him because she is completely career oriented. Since her son is a little older now…and if you haven’t seen the latest…Christina is working on a movie along with a new album. So she has been super busy, so back off Christina!

    Now as far as Lady Gaga goes…she is disgusting looking for one…and two…I think (my opinion) she worships Satan. There are MANY satanic symbols and messages in her video’s…especially “Poker Face” and “Telephone” yet not many people realize it. I liked Lady Gaga at first…I had two albums she made. Then I started researching satanism in the music industry. How do you think Gaga rose to fame so fast? It wasn’t because of her talent…she sold her soul in exchange for a fabulous life like the one she’s living. Look at the video “Telephone”…does it match what the song says? NO IT DOESN’T! And, in no way did the opinions of others influence me, I looked up the symbols myself and watched the videos; so before you bash what I am saying, look up satanic symbols and watch the video’s for yourselves.

  19. Gaga Fan says:

    I don’t think Christina has “ripped-off” Lady Gaga’s style. From everything I’ve heard it seems like Lady Gaga is just an inspiration for her…and I don’t blame her. Lady Gaga has a lot of concerts scheduled ahead of her and is likely to inspire many more artists.

  20. Chance Zavodny says:

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  21. Chillin' says:

    Seriously folks, I’m not an obsessive fan of either Christina or Gaga but here’s my take: Christina has been in the game for so long and been so successful at it that Gaga would do well to ask HER for advice. Christina has slowed down because she’s been in the public eye since she was a kid and my guess is that she’s enjoying being a wife and mother: SHE’S ALLOWED! This woman does not need to prove herself to ANYONE. Gaga is just starting out and I wish her continued success but honestly folks, her antics are already getting old. Her attention-hogging ways are getting downright tacky. The futuristic look IS IN (shoulder pads and all), so please stop saying that Christina, Rihanna and Beyonce are imitating Gaga. Gaga favors that look because it hides her flaws: the woman is not attractive by any stretch of the imagination and cannot equal any of the other three ladies in looks ON HER BEST DAY. Oh! and IMHO, Gaga would probably sell her SOUL to have Christina Aguilera’s voice!!!!!

  22. pokerstars says:

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  23. queens says:

    she is not copy Lady Gaga….Lady Gaga is copying her look at this video … copy and paste it in your URL

  24. Look ppl says:

    “Fighter” is a song performed by American singer Christina Aguilera. The track was co-written by Aguilera and Scott Storch. Released in 2003 as the third single from her second album, Stripped, the single peaked at number twenty on the Billboard Hot 100, where it became Aguilera’s ninth U.S. top-twenty single. “Fighter” also reached number three in the United Kingdom and Canada, and number five in Australia and The Netherlands

    That’s a search I found on Christina which was way before Gaga even was known, Gaga became known on late 2008 and her first album just dance hit top on 09.. So Look up Christina’s video and you will see her wired ness ass well ..

    besides people are only Gaga crazy because she’s not only young but new to the media, people come and go and as well get old. So will Gaga at many years from now real music is back in the 80’s and so on nothing like that now just trash compare to den.

    so stop comparing Gaga dose copy of Madonna and many more. Wowzers Christina at one point copied Marilyn Monroe. Who cares… fashion style dies and come out again just seems knew to all the young folks today but search up times from before you was born you will see the truth. No originality with anyone , same old same… end of story.. let gaga be gaga and Christina Christina.. gaga is all about attention anyways and money everyone knows that’s all she care about.

  25. Look ppl says:

    I agree with gossipgirlxoxo gaga just knows what grabs people’s attention… and Christina dose need to do a new look to get on top people love attention right.. I can’t say they not Good because if people love them its for a reason.

  26. FLOPTINA SUX says:

    floptina sucks !

  27. GAGACarbonCopyMADONNA says:

    for any retards to say Christina copied, all I got to say is give me some of whatever your smoking. Christina has been here for a decade, she always changes her style in every CD she puts out. When this performance came out Lady Gaga wasn’t doing Bad Romance so sit on your own middle finger and twist around. It’s pathetic for those of you who thought that because she had a classy look with Back to Basics, she was actually gonna stick with that look forever, like hello wake up and smell the coffee. Anyway Lady Gaga is such a MADONNA CARBON COPY! IF YOU ARE SUCH A GAGA FAN JUST ADMITTED IT!

  28. CurtisJohnsonRealty says:

    “It’s important to be yourself. But if you can’t be yourself, you can always be someone else. ”
    so as to Christina Aguilera..:)

  29. RAY says:

    Hello, have you seen “PARTY MONSTER”, a movie Lady Gaga copied not only with the exact look (Sure Christina “looks like Lady Gaga”, who might I mention EVEN copied her name from Radio Ga Ga by Queen, BUT Lady Gaga copied THAT from Party Monster.) She also copied David Bowie with the lightning bolt on her face. I really don’t understand who “Gaga” thinks she is to say that there is a striking resemblance between “her look” and ANYONE else’s when she copied all people she so clearly copied. Most of the people that say anyone copied Lady Gaga are 10-16 years old. For you little kids, simply Google Roisin Murphy, Cher, Madonna, and Christina,(and many others I can’t remember at the top of my head without a glance at one of “Gagas” pictures ) from back in the early 2000s. ALSO, Britney Spears ‘Toxic, came out a good 5 years before anyone even knew who “Lady gaga” was. It’s simply ridiculous and arrogant for Lady Gaga to claim anyone has copied her style when Gaga first came out,her voice was being compared to Christina’s, when she came out long before “Gaga”. Then it’s no surprise,most of these comments are by 10-16 year olds.

  30. RAY says:

    Anyone with TWO EARS can hear that.

  31. jenifer says:

    do you wanna play WAR online ? lets play…it’s free…

  32. ANDRE' says:

    Message to BEN! Christina has the best vocals and she is unique. She does not need to copy anyone, especially Gaga. They are both talented in their own unique way an should not be compared to one another. Just be glad that new or old performers always bring their talent for our entertainment. Don’t be an ASS!!

  33. daxina pathak says:

    Lady Gaga is my favorite pop star. Gaga emerged as a super pop star ever. I am the biggest fan of Gaga and have lots of unknown facts about her. Like, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is the original name of our star and there was a time when , she was very shy to be on stage.

  34. Charles says:

    So she’s finally admitting she was born a dude,that’s great! Don’t forget Perez, A-ha won 8 VMA’s back in 1986 and were never heard from again. I think Lady Gaga might have the same fate.When Lady gaga came out she reminded me of Christina Aguilera mixed with Roisen Murphy no doubt!

  35. GagaIsGagly says:

    Lady Gaga is simply UGLY !!!

    I’ve stated what everybody else has been
    thinking for years (and you know it’s true).

    She looks like that ugly little kid who was
    the star of that one show called ‘Blossom’.

    Why won’t they both just get a nose
    job and their jaw/chin fixed already?

    Just because they are rich does not
    mean that they also have a right to
    go around traumatizing society
    with their unattractive faces.

    How dare they?!?!

    Do society a favor and call
    a plastic surgeon already.

  36. johnny gaga says:

    All of you Gaga haters are entitled but you throw around things you don’t even know about her that aren’t even true. She’s a sweet girl who really has a big heart and a passion for music, she worked her plucking asphalt off to get to where she is today. She actually was a nobody 4 years ago, now she’s a big star. Also, She’s not a plastic celebrity she doesn’t have many celebrity friends. Her music is amazing and she always brings the show. The world is already messed up the way it is corrupt, scandalous, politically false, and kids at a young age know sex and drugs already because parents allow them to go on Facebook and watch TV. So what if Gaga performs in lewd clothes? We’ve seen Britney do it before and so has Madonna. Don’t hate her in hypocrisy get to know her first before bashing on her. I support her and I love her forever.

  37. MELINA says:


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