Lady Gaga Fires Back At Cathy Horyn’s Fashion Critiques

Lady Gaga 'You And I'

Lady Gaga lashed out at negative fashion critics, notably New York Times fashion writer Cathy Horyn, over their of harsh, elitist way of writing about fashion as “extreme critic fundamentalism.” The pop star took to her column in magazine to respond to some of the criticism she’s been hit with, including Horyn calling her “an ugly duckling with great spook appeal.” Gaga writes:

It’s so easy to say something is bad. It’s so easy to write, “One star, hated it, worst show of the season.” It’s much more challenging to reckon with and analyze a work. It requires research, but maybe no one does their research anymore. So my question, V readers, is this: when does the critique or review become insult and not insight? Injury and not intellect?

Gaga’s entire column at has since been removed.

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