Lady Gaga Performs At London’s Koko

Lady Gaga Koko

Lady Gaga performed at Koko for Shockwaves Album Chart Show in London, England on Wednesday night (February 4). Watch a fan filmed highlight clips from the American pop singer’s ‘Pokerface’ performance via YouTube below.

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3 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Performs At London’s Koko

  1. utech says:

    that’s a pretty good pose for Lady Gaga, something where her face isn’t visible. that interview with Barbara Walters really was scary, they looked like sisters.

  2. kelly says:

    I have become a BIG fan of Lady Gaga! I agree with other people that Lady Gaga is way bigger then Madonna!

  3. Ron says:

    I would love to meet her….. would she ever want to be a friend with just a normal everyday guy. With out all the glamor around?

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