Lady Gaga Praises “Inspirational” Cole Goforth

Lady Gaga, seen here pointing at Space Cowboy, has praised Cole Goforth after he was sent home for wearing a 'I Love LADY GAY GAY' t-shirt to schoolLady Gaga has jumped to the defense of Cole Goforth after the 15-year-old Tennessee high school student was sent home on Monday because his “I Love LADY GAY GAY” t-shirt was causing a “disruption”. Goforth told WSMV: “I don’t think my sexuality is widely accepted around here, so of course they are going to single me out.” Gaga told her Twitter followers (@ladygaga):

Been in the studio for days and hours of record after record, and when I hear that a little monster was discriminated against* BY TEACHERS

Thank u for wearing your tee-shirt proud at school, you make me so proud, at the monsterball, you are an inspiration to us all. I love you.X

It reminds me of my commitment + love for u, and the deep unconditional devotion I feel to write music that will liberate you from prejudice

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5 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Praises “Inspirational” Cole Goforth

  1. J.D. says:

    As you may have heard there is a controversial argument in the state of Tennessee. There is of course a side to every story. The nation has picked sides and it will be hard to find an unbiased statement. Allow me to shed some light on the story.

    The story has to begin when the main affected character, Cole, first moved to Greenbrier, TN. He lived a quiet life as many middle school students do. It wasn’t until news of his sexuality started swarming about he began to show his true identity. His clothes began to change from the normal A&F to smaller more feminine shirts. Since everyone already knew of his status it wasn’t a disruption, just a minor discussion topic at lunch.
    As the year went by he began to… make passes. He would approach male students and whisper rude, sexual remarks in their ears. All of which can be confirmed. He was involved in many fights. All of which “he provoked”. The year ended and life went on as it had.
    High school I feel is the biggest pain for Cole. On the first day he had this pink hair. It was a hot pink and by the next day the color was gone. His freshman year went by until recently. He had been involved in a fight with a female student. Remarks were made and Cole was “responsible.”
    Monday was a different day. As soon as Cole entered the school all eyes focused on him and his shirt, rumors started. By mid-morning it had escalated and the school was buzzing with gossip and ridicule. As the news verified Cole was asked to remove the shirt. He retired to his home that day after going to the school board.
    Then, the news happened. It only caused more of a disturbance. No student or faculty member accepted the fact he took it to WSMV. The school had more to talk and joke about. Talking about his interview and how his mom overreacted.
    I don’t mean to be narcissistic, but I feel I should be the one on the news. I am the only one in this nation that takes up for both sides. The school did not want another fight to break out. There have been two in the past week. Yes there were other options for them to take, but they were overwhelmed. They hadn’t come across anyone like Cole in the Past. If it wasn’t to keep the sanity of the school, then it was to protect Cole. If he had continued to wear that shirt a fight was bound to happen, no doubt.
    The rural atmosphere cannot handle change. There are set customs and ethics all people have to obey to be accepted. Yes, the south is still mad they lost the war and yes they need to grow up. They have their morals that aren’t accepted elsewhere.
    Personally I did not choose a side. I prefer large cities and do not intend to spend my whole life the south. The south isn’t to blame for any of this. Opinions can be stated and the extent of the opinions is up for debate. Let it go America. It was supposed to be a statement to the school not the world.
    Fellow Student of Cole

  2. CS says:

    JD and Cole,

    This is a statement to the whole world. When you stand up as an individual about being gay you stand for every gay human in the world. Our actions of how we present ourselves good or badly show the world who we are and what we are about. The simple fact is there was nothing wrong for wearing that shirt, there were no racial slurs or anything else related to something bad. One day this world we be a better place to live and all humans will be somewhat equal, until then we all should keep fighting for that goal of equality no matter what the situation. Good Luck Cole, I support you.
    Craig Slade

  3. D.B. says:

    First off, his hair his hair color was against school policy. Second, he deserved to be sent home because hes a stupid queer. Every straight person at our school is offended by him because he tries to rape them. I say they should just send him home if he even comes close to the school.

  4. Cuthalu says:

    That is interesting, considering his mom is an ex-stripper.

  5. Addison says:

    First I am a student at Greenbrier high and I would not have a problem with Cole if he didn’t run around saying “Yea I’m gay yeah” to people that he doesn’t even know. He does start fights with people with sexual remarks and I I can say I’m speaking for a lot of people at GHS that he makes people run around guarding there a**hole when hes near them. as for the lady gay gay shirt he was not sent home right off the bat he was asked to change his shirt or wear a hoodie like the people who are caught with anything that would be a distraction in the class room.He refused to do so and when he did he violated the school hand book. So they sent him home and he complained to his little bitch of a mom and probably exaggerated the story like a little bastard child. yesterday I got on to my bus and a little kid was there to greet every person who got on from the high school with this statement” Hey lady Gay Gay.” So you see hes giving this school a bad name and when he gets back I’m going beat the sh** out of him for being the flaming fa***t. REBEL MONDAY!! Cole is a bitch ass THUNDER CU**!!!

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