Lady Gaga Talks With maniaTV At 944 Magazine Party

Lady Gaga at a partyLady Gaga spoke with maniaTV’s Samantha Maloney at the 944 Magazine party in Hollywood, where the pop singer talked about getting her start in the “dive bar scene” in New York City, transitioning to Lollapalooza, her life as a pop shock artist, loving her record label, and trying to bring back pop music in a fresh and commercial way.

On being in Los Angeles, Gaga said, “I just recently came up here to finish recording my album and I wrote ‘Just Dance’, which is the first single”

On playing New York clubs, “I mean you name it, I’ve played there. We also, Lady Starlight and I, who is a DJ I originally was collaborating with, we sort of made a name for ourselves in the dive bar scene, so we would record with two turntables and a microphone plugged into an amplifier. Quite lo-fi.”

On being part of the Lollapalooza lineup, she said, “Performance art is really the heart and soul of what I do, and being a shock artist and a pop shock artist is sort of my thing. I just started getting recognized for the show that we put together. It was a bit of a ’70s esque variety show. Choreographed dance movements and we spun turntables we let hairspray on fire, but now, excitingly enough, I love my record label more than I can say, because I really have the resources that I need to create the vision that I have always had for my show. I’m really just trying to reinvent pop music in a fresh way. I’m not trying to recreate the wheel. Everything’s sort of been done before, however I think that I could make it feel new and fresh, and still be commercial. I’m very interested in being an interesting commercial artist.”

Watch the interview below.

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