Lady Marmalade Gets Best Video From A Film

Moulin Rouge won Best Video from a Film at the Video Music Awards last night and Christina made reference to her often criticized ‘big hair’ in her acceptance speech.

The big hair paid off. Oh, my god, you guys. I wanted one so bad. I guess thanks to Paul Henner for making an incredible video. Trish Somerville for signing the whole video. You did a great job. Who else, who else? Tina landon, the choreographer.

And of course Patty Labelle.

Rock Wilder Missy.

Gone and everybody… at Interscope.

Happy birthday John. Hi, mom. Hi to everybody who thought we’d make good whores. Thank you everybody.

God bless us. This is all, you know,…

Thank you, my girls.

Of course.

We want to thank god, too, you know and all our fans.

And MTV. And y’all.


Hey, momma, wherever you at, hey, momma, where you at?

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