Ladyhawke ‘My Delirium’ Video Details


Pip Brown of checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@ladyhawkerock) on Thursday (October 30), discussing the video for her new single ‘My Delirium’. The Wellington, New Zealand electropop artist tells readers:

The idea of the video is that I’m hauled up in a hotel room, on the roadside in the middle of the Arizona desert.

There are two paintings on the wall above the bed, and as my head starts to get foggier, the pictures start to come to life, and I end up inside the paintings, driving in a muscle car down the desert, my suitcase in the back, going somewhere which ends up being outer-space….. after flying over the edge of a cliff. Everyday kinda stuff ya know?

It’s filled with beautiful water color back-grounds, and washed out psychedelic painted space scenes.

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