LaKisha Jones Talks With ‘Access Hollywood’

LaKisha Jones does an interview after her 'American Idol' exitLaura Saltman of caught up with LaKisha Jones to talk with her about getting the boot on ‘American Idol’, singing on the hit show with a raw voice, and more.

“I’m really hoarse,” Jones said about her raspy voice of late. “I was hoarse the day of the show, and I was trying to drink my tea and just get past my hoarseness, and with ‘American Idol’ you can’t say, I’m not going to sing this week, so I had to sing past my hoarseness, and it did effect my performance a little bit.”

Asked who might her fan base be comprised of, Jones said, “We’re gonna have to find out. I really don’t know who was voting for me… Hopefully, everyone who loves LaKisha. I really don’t know who my fan base is. I don’t know if they’re a younger audience or an older audience. I’m not sure, but we’ll find out on the tour.”

On the difficulties singing multiple genres, LaKisha said, “It is a challenge, and sometimes challenges are good. In my case, this week, it was not good. It is what it is. I think that I was meant to be #4. I believe in destiny, that whatever God has for me, I will have, what’s not for me, I won’t. If it was meant for me to win ‘American Idol’, I would still be there. Evidently, this is where I stop and then start my next journey.”

Watch the segment via below the cut.

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