Lance Bass And Justin Timberlake Fall Out Of Sync

In Touch Weekly reports *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass’ relationship may have turned frosty after the two avoided each other when they both attended a pool party in the Hollywood Hills recently. “They didn’t acknowledge each other,” a source revealed. “And they wouldn’t go into the pool at the same time.” Another source speculated Bass’ jealousy over Timberlake’s solo success as the cause of the friction. “Lance always thought he was the best singer in the group (and not Justin),” reasoned the source.

Lance Bass Attends LA Fashion Show

May 27, 2004 – Lance Bass of *NSYNC and ‘American Idol’ finalist Ryan Starr were amongst the stars on hand for the LA Fashion Show hosted by Traci Bingham and Sponsored by Femme Fatales magazine on Wednesday (May 26) at Avalon in Hollywood, California. Check out pictures from FilmMagic.

Lance Bass Cruises To ‘Lovewrecked’

May 23, 2004 – According to The Hollywood Reporter, *NSYNC star Lance Bass is joining forces with Wendy Thorlakson and Joe Anderson on the teen comedy ‘Lovewrecked’. The film will begin shooting in late June in the Caribbean and will be produced through Media 8. ‘Lovewrecked’ centers on a girl on a cruise, who gets marooned on a deserted island with her rock idol. When she discovers that a full-blown resort is just on the other side of the island, she somehow neglects to tell the rock star and keeps him dependent on her.

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10 thoughts on “Lance Bass And Justin Timberlake Fall Out Of Sync

  1. Meggz75 says:

    This might be good. A good plot. I would love to be shipwrecked with Nick Carter……*sigh* Oh well, back to work, back to reality lol

  2. iminovermyhead28 says:

    I think this will be as good as Lance’s last one, whatever that means. :) I hope its good. I actually think that “On The Line” was awesome. Its gonna be on TV sometime this week, I think on the 25th, I don’t on what channel though- check your tivos…….. Wendy Thorlakson.. that sounds familiar…. I think I remember her from something else I saw on popdirt… with those jean jewels things? .. I’m not sure.. lemme go check……… at least lance is in the news again!

  3. iminovermyhead28 says:

    okay.. and look at this! she is a partner in A Happy Place , which is co-owned by Lance! wow… I’m definitely seeing a partner here.. they do everything together! maybe there’s a romance…….. haha- so he’s not gay.

  4. nr1983 says:

    That is lame. If they do have a fall out it is definitely not because Lance thinks he has a better voice. It is probably because Justin has been such a jerk, sh** head, self centered, mammas baby since his solo album and because he feels that he won the lotto just because he is dating Cameron Diaz.

  5. XxmissyxX says:

    JC may have the best voice of all 5 but its not he put it to good use! his new sound sucks a*ss. face it-nsync is OVER. there will be no “comeback/reunion” CD like BSB is doing. I think they all HATE each other due to jealousy and crap….NSYNC I mean

  6. WaneInTheZone says:

    Does Lance Bass even sing? I don’t recall even hearing one solo from him during the entire span of their career. It seemed like Chris, Joey and Lance were just playing the background, While JC and Justin stole the show.

  7. Reba says:

    Lance isn’t even in the league as Justin. Lance is probably completely embarrassed that he’s a flop, and he had to try to keep in the limelight by pretending to be an astronaut. Justin is the talent…Lance was back up, and he fit the “shy and cute” criteria for *N Sync.

  8. Unique6969 says:

    This is bull crap Lance is the bass singer of the group. Even he knows that Bass singers usually don’t get solo’s and no one really writes solo parts for bass singers. Don’t get me wrong they do but not that often. Lance even said that themselves. If Lance doesn’t like Justin it’s because Justin is a self-centered

  9. spotty says:

    In Touch prints as many lies as any of the tabloids do. I wouldn’t believe a word of it. They have NSyncs Challenge For The Children benefit coming up in July and we’ll see then how well they get along. This though sounds just like another lie.

  10. schizo76 says:

    oh god ok, for one, if Justin and Lance fell out, it was way before recent, because Justin didn’t talk to Lance at all during last years CFTC, He just talked to JC, Joey and some to Chris. Whatever is going on between them isn’t new. To be quite honest, its Justin and Lance’s personal business anyway. For all the Justin haters, I’m not gonna be all pissed at Justin for his tabloid synopsis. He is a HUMAN BEING. I just recently met him, NOT at a meet and greet, he didn’t carry on like a “jerk” or “arrogant”, he was very cool. Can’t judge a person till you know them in person.

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