Lance Bass Blasts California Republicans For Anti-Gay Bigotry

In a posting at Lance Bass’ private blog at, the former star began showing his anger at the Republican party over its actions against gays, which he experienced first hand at the California State Assembly Chamber in Sacramento during an awards ceremony.

“So I go to the Capitol yesterday for an award ceremony,” he writes on Tuesday (August 15). “I got to sit in the State Assembly Chamber and watch bills pass or not pass (yea I know fun right?!) But this is where it gets fun! Most of the Assembly members I have to say are very professional, listen to all the bills and make the right decision for their districts. I met many of my Senators and assembly members and they were great. But then I saw many members that were flat out lazy and stupid. I saw some talking and laughing with each other as important issues were being discussed and some you could tell were just plain bored with being there. Some of these guys were so old and senile it made me sick. To think all the laws passed have to go through some of them is crazy. So that was how they looked! NOW this is how they sounded and acted! So the awards ceremony was for 6 outstanding leaders in their field who HAPPEN to be gay. Uh oh! The s**t hit the fan! The whole Republican party walked out and held an urgent meeting. They decide it is unmoral and want to protest the fact that it would take up too much time in their busy schedule to let this happen. Mind you they do these recognition ceremonies ALL THE TIME.. for different organizations. So they leave for a good 40 minutes to discuss and come back and vote to keep all of us off the floor. The rest of the assembly overturned it and we got to go out. Then another 20 minutes we had to listen to about 4 bigots stand up and speak about how they oppose the ceremony because it was sinful and waste of time. Ok so now they have spent 1 hour complaining how the 10 minute ceremony would take up too much time! And that totally describes how most of our government is run! They complain just to complain. Listening to members like George Plescia (the leader of his party, and representing San Diego) and Dennis Mountjoy made me wonder if I were at a KKK meeting or an assembly!… I think I did see some white robes shoved underneath their desks! I never thought I would ever get involved with politics because I never thought I knew enough to have an opinion.. but after seeing what idiots we have representing us I might have to throw myself into it to shove some sense into some people!!”

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