Lance Bass Checks In After ‘Idol’ Appearance

Lance Bass checked in with fans on his MySpace blog on Tuesday night (March 14) after being in the ‘American Idol’ audience and getting a mention from host Ryan Seacrest.

Sorry I didn’t give anyone warning that I was going to be on ‘Idol’ tonight. I didn’t even know I was going until last minute. Did an interview for ‘American Idol’ extra on Fox Reality. Was a lot of fun, and those kids can sang! And yes said hi to me on stage. She is now my favorite to win! And Paris….

Lance Bass’ Secret Surprises

March 12, 2006 – *NSYNC star Lance Bass hinted on a post at his MySpace today:

I have 2 big surprises for y’all coming up in April and May. One I have been working on for 3 weeks now… that’s the April one…. and the other you will have to wait until May. All I can say is that it is probably the coolest thing I will ever do! But, I am sworn to secrecy until then.

Lance Bass On His ‘Fantasy Idol’ Picks

February 25, 2006 – Lance Bass checked in with fans on his MySpace blog on Saturday (February 25). The former *NSYNC member writes:

Some friends of mine started an [‘American Idol’] fantasy football type game. We all had to draft pick 4 of the top 24 last week. I was able to pull in Paris Bennett, Katherine McPhee, Will Makar, and Tyler Hicks. There were a couple I wanted but didn’t get first pick. So, I am banking on Paris or Katherine to help me win. The winner gets a party thrown in their honor like its your birthday or something. It’s fun cause it makes the boring middle part of narrowing it down go by faster.

Lance Bass’ Boring Valentine’s Day

February 21, 2006 – *NSYNC star Lance Bass posted the following brief message on his MySpace blog on Wednesday (February 15):

OK.. I didn’t know that when you posted a bulletin that people can easily reply to it. And, it sends it to your mailbox! I had over 2,000 emails today!! So, I’m sorry but I had to delete all of the mail and start over. Hope everyone had a great V Day. Mine was boring! But, at least I caught up with the Olympics on Tivo!

Lance Bass Produced Film Bought By The Weinstein Company

February 3, 2006 – Lance Bass posted the following message to fans on his blog at on Thursday (February 2):

The Weinsteins (did I spell that right?) bought my movie ‘LoveWrecked’. Looks like it will be out this summer! Amanda Bynes, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Johnathan Bennet, Chris Carmack, Kathy Griffin, Alfonso R, Joey Kern, and many more. It is a comedy from Randall Kleiser… the maker of ‘Grease’, ‘Flight of the Navigator’, and ‘ Lagoon’. This movie is his next ‘Blue Lagoon’.. so lots of skin (don’t worry its PG-ish moms!) Jamie and Amanda look amazing in it, and do an amazing job! I will fill you in on the latest as soon as I get more details. And as always it is nice when people send in their support to the Weinstein Company. Woo Hoo! L

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