Lance Bass Comments On Boujis Paparazzi “Fight” Reports

is commenting on being photographed by paparazzi outside London hotspot Boujis with a friend the other night. The former *NSYNC star writes on his blog at MySpace (@basslance):

For all you all asking about those pictures here are the facts… lol

That was not a date, just a friend, I was laughing the whole time because we had no clue there would be photographers outside this club that I had never heard of – and we were so blinded we couldn’t see. A photographer runs into my friend and they almost fall over each other. It is so funny what story you can create with a few pictures.

I actually think it makes a better story if my friend and I were in a fight, he did have me in a choke hold for God’s sake! Guess I shouldn’t have been smiling or that would have been the case.

I do feel a little better now that one of my friends knows what it is like to have pictures taken out of context.

Sorry to ruin the fun, but nothing really dramatic happened.

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