Lance Bass Comments On Justin & Britney Breakup

Entertainment Tonight spoke with Lance Bass of *NSYNC outside of the premiere of ‘The Sweetest Thing’ in New York on Monday night. Lance was asked about the status of his bandmate Justin Timberlake and girlfriend Britney Spears, and seemed to echo earlier comments made by Justin’s mom Lynn that the pair have hit a rough spot. Lance said, “Oh, Justin’s fine. He’s — they’re all good, you know. Relationships, in good times, bad times, we’ll see how this one works out.”

Lance Bass Makes Positive Impression During Medical Exams

March 25, 2002 – MSNBC reports executives at Radio Shack are hopeful following the weekend of medical examinations Lance Bass of *NSYNC underwent at Russia’s Institute of Biomedical Problems. RadioShack’s Jim McDonald said Monday, “I think he made a very, very positive impression, both in terms of his healthfulness and also his attitude.” Lance is back with *NSYNC for tonight’s concert in Denver.

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2 thoughts on “Lance Bass Comments On Justin & Britney Breakup

  1. donnajoj says:

    I wish him all the best…he is lucky to be in a position to fulfill what could only be a dream for most of us. If companies want to financially back his trip… great, what not use this opportunity to do what only a hand full of people have been able to do. I say go for it.

  2. kissforlance says:

    You go Lance!!!! Let’s see Justin do better than this. And thank you to Alan Boyle for his great articles on this. He seems to be the only link we fans will have with this. The only link that will give us the info we want and need to hear.

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