Lance Bass Discusses ‘Out Of Sync’ With CNN’s Melissa Long

CNN’s Melissa Long speaks with former star Lance Bass about his new tell-all book ‘Out Of Sync’. Bass talked about leading a double life during his days with the popular boy band, wishing he could have come out sooner, how he’s critical of the management system in the recording industry, schooling, acting on Broadway in the musical ‘Hairspray’, his quest to go into space, how “there’s always potential” for an *NSYNC reunion, and what’s next for him.

“I felt like I had four guys’ careers in my hands,” Bass said regarding his reluctance to come out. “If this secret ever got out, it would really overshadow anything that we did professionally. So it was something I kept to myself and never told one person.”

On her mother finding out, Bass said, “She actually found out on the internet. She Googled my ex, and found out he was an activist and openly gay. That kind of rang a bell in her head. She was like, ‘Wow’, and she got it at that point.”

Discussing regrets about keeping it a secret so long, Bass said, “I wish I could have been comfortable years and years ago. I think everyone should be able to be themselves at any given time, and not worry about what other people think. People live for other people’s expectations, and everyone should just live for themselves and be happy. I wish I could have come out a long time ago, especially at the height of *NSYNC. I think it really would have helped a lot of people.”

Watch the interview below.

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