Lance Bass’ ‘Friendly’ Kiss

When a male friend leaned in to give Lance Bass a goodbye peck on the cheek the other night at G-Spa, a witness tells The New York Daily News it turned into “a very public makeout session.” The former *NSYNC star’s boyfriend Reichen Lehmkuhl was “standing about 4 feet away, looking on in abject horror,” the source added. But Perez Hilton doubts there was any furor with Reichen, claiming the pair “like to play around.”

Lance Bass: New Love, New Life

August 30, 2006 – Lance Bass spoke exclusively to ‘Extra’ at Saturday’s Entertainment Weekly party in Los Angeles, which marked his first TV interview since coming out in People magazine. “I’m totally happy, I’m a completely different person, I think,” the former *NSYNC star said. “It just sucks with all the lies you have to tell.”

Trickle Down Bashings

August 18, 2006 – Chip Arndt wrote a column for the Washington Blade about former *NSYNC star Lance Bass’ revelation that he’s gay and dating Arndt’s former partner, Reichen Lehmkuhl, which then ignited a worldwide media frenzy. He writes, “Only Mel Gibson’s alcohol-saturated, anti-Semitic tirade interrupted the orgy of stories about the boy band star who kisses boys. The day after Lance’s People magazine cover story hit the newsstands, three thugs attacked six gay men in San Diego with a baseball bat and knife. About the same time, thugs in New Mexico began to use a gay 18-year-old they had tied up as a human punching bag, beating him until dawn. Though part of a newsworthy nationwide increase in anti-gay assaults, mainstream media ignored their stories.”

The full story at has since been removed.

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