Lance Bass Is Just ‘Regular Gay’

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “Lance Bass tells the current issue of People magazine that he is gay. But just regular gay, not George Michael-in-the-bushes gay. That’s another gay. … As you might have heard, George Michael and his long-term lover, their wedding is back on. Remember it was off? Well, now it’s back on. It had been called off after George was caught having sex in the park with some fat truck driver. Yeah, that’s what it said in the paper. But George figured he would apologize to his fiance by sending him one of these. This is the hottest thing you can get now. It’s the ‘Sorry I had sex with a guy in the park’ bouquet. … You know, it’s interesting. I was at newsstands today, and Lance Bass isn’t the only person to make a big announcement. Give me those magazines, Joy. This is the current issue of People. See right there it says, ‘Lance Bass: “I’m gay.”‘ This is the story. George Michael is on Us magazine: ‘I’m really, really gay.’ Superman is on the cover of People: ‘I’m not gay!’ And surprisingly, on the current issue of Field & Stream, it’s Ryan Seacrest, ‘I’m going bass fishing.’ I don’t know what that means.”

Before Lance And Reichen Went Public

July 29, 2006 – Former *NSYNC star Lance Bass and ‘Amazing Race 4’ winner Reichen Lehmkuhl immediately parted at New York’s Central Park two months ago when they notice the cameras. Later, someone in their party attacked the cameraman. has since removed the video.

Reichen Understands Lance’s Reluctance To Come Out

July 28, 2006 – Because of his own experiences, Reichen Lehmkuhl can understand how for his boyfriend Lance Bass, coming out now was a lot easier than during *NSYNC’s heyday. “You worry about how it’s going to affect things in your own life, not just to protect yourself but everyone around you,” he tells ‘Entertainment Tonight’. “Anytime someone comes out of the closet, they have their own personal journey.”

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2 thoughts on “Lance Bass Is Just ‘Regular Gay’

  1. galleta says:

    Hell I’m not even gay and I can understand it. No wonder people will not come out in Hollywood America goes crazy. People like to preach how being gay is no big deal yet look at all the attention Lance is getting for admitting it.

  2. DAWORD says:

    Since the very first N Sync video people knew Lance was gay…even though they all looked pretty gay in that first video.

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