Lance Bass & Michelle Williams Bump & Grind All Night

*NSYNC star sidelined his quest to reach outerspace with a quest to get down the pants of Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams. The Mirror reports the two were spotted bumping and grinding until 4:30 a.m. after the Destiny’s Child concert in London at CC Club on Saturday. Michelle tried to hide her identity by pulling a hat over her face, while bandmates Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland looked on.

One Way Rocket Ticket For Bass

June 5, 2002 – Our latest poll asking if you think Russia will allow to take part in their Soyuz rocket launch later this year had the largest response wanting to help pay for a one-way ticket for the *NSYNC star to space. Next was 36.2% of the people wishing him well and noting the Russians would be $20 million richer because of it. 8.9% said the Russians wouldn’t want the circus atmosphere the Lance reality based participation would bring, while 8.3% just wanted him to stay home and stick to helping out his *NSYNC bandmates put out a new album.

Our latest poll asks you what your thoughts on the Christina Aguilera album delay, non-announcement, or whatever you want to call it.

Time May Have Run Out For In Space

June 4, 2002 – Alan Boyle of MSNBC reports time may have run out on *NSYNC star Lance Bass’ quest to reach outerspace. Russian news reports quote Russian Aviation and Space Agency spokesman Sergei Gorbunov as saying it’s already too late for a foreigner to get the third spot on the October station flight. “The train has left,” he said in a report. Still, Destiny Productions David Krieff suggests “maybe we have a pretty good shot still” to make the flight.

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3 thoughts on “Lance Bass & Michelle Williams Bump & Grind All Night

  1. JLBisMYman says:

    ok, this is getting sickening. one day he can, the next day he cant. how about they all say nothing til they are sure what is happening one way or the other. i just think that Russia doesn’t want him to go because it’s always them saying he cant and Lance saying he can, so whatever.

  2. Brentwood_Babe says:

    I think it’s cute! Yeah, I think he wanted her at one time. I hope they become a couple, they’re really cute people.

  3. gwen says:

    I thought Lance wanted Kelly??? Justin wanted Beyonce??? When did Michelle become part of equation. I thought Lance was the go between Beyonce and Justin. I didn’t know about JC and Kelly. I know the girls are good friends with Lance. All the guys of Nsync always talking about how fine and sexy Beyonce is. Don’t forget Justin said she was the sexiest woman in the world. I sure want to see those photos at Beyonce birthday bash and the AMA . Definitely Michelle and Lance in the club bumping and grinding!

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