Lance Bass: No New *NSYNC Album Until 2005

Roger Friedman of was on hand for Justin Timberlake’s gig at the rooftop of the Hyatt Hotel in West Hollywood on Thursday night, where *NSYNC bandmate Lance Bass was on hand, but not Cameron Diaz. Lance told Friedman that there wouldn’t be a new *NSYNC album until 2005, after Justin finishes his role in the movie ‘Edison’ and a new solo album. “We just have to wait for him,” Bass said. Friedman also has news on jailed private investigator Anthony Pellicano who may have been taping former client Michael Jackson. Read more.

Lance Bass Insists *NSYNC Will Record Again

February 19, 2004 – The San Fransisco Examiner reports *NSYNC star Lance Bass says rumors that the boy band is finished now that Justin Timberlake has found solo success are bogus and claims that he, Justin, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone are going back into the studio soon to work on a new album. “We’re 100 percent going ahead with another *NSYNC project,” Bass said.

Lance Bass Watches Grammys With George Maloof

February 10, 2004 – The Las Vegas Sun reports after watching the Grammy Awards at a suite in the Palms, George Maloof, Lance Bass of *NSYNC and a group of friends partied in the exclusive Red Room at OPM in the Forum Shops at Caesars.

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5 thoughts on “Lance Bass: No New *NSYNC Album Until 2005

  1. JLOVER101 says:

    I thought that was a confirmation that Lance was gay and he spent the night with his boyfriend George or something, why does this matter then?

  2. snackattack says:

    Well, I still love *NSYNC and as long as “Lance Ugly” won’t be with them … I can wait until 2005! Lance … just go to the moon and don’t come back EVER :-)

  3. elghato says:

    last week he said they’d start recording this summer. what an idiot. he still thinks he’s going to space too he’s Justin’s b—- he, joey, and Chris do whatever Justin tells them because they need him to be on the album. that’s the only way they can make money

  4. melyindaguerra says:

    What’s the deal with them waiting on just Justin to finish his second album, what about JC putting out his debut album, its like that does not even affect them!! I hate how big headed JT is now, it makes me sick

  5. MetamorphosisIsInTheZone0 says:

    i still will be a fan on *NSYNC forever. Don’t be jealous BSB fans because BSB will be breaking up ASAP since they suck so bad only somebody like tazzsgirl would listen to them.

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