Lance Bass Serves As ‘Star Search’ Judge

Lance Bass of *NSYNC was one of the judges on Star Search tonight. On 13-year-old Sebastian Mego, who sang Donny Hathaway’s hit, ‘A Song For You’, Bass said, “I think you can definitely tell you started in church, you got the soul going. I can imagine what you’re going to be like in three or four years. I want to give you five stars, but just in case Whitney Houston comes out next, I gave you four stars.” Maridel Terciano was next with the Lee Ann Rimes hit, ‘I Believe’. Lance said of the 10-year-old, “You’re definitely amazing, I mean I look at you and ten years from now I think we’re going to look back like we look back at Britney Spears that was on the show ten years ago. So I give you four stars.”

In the model’s category, he commented on Mississippi babe Porschla Coleman saying, “I’m from Mississippi, so we know how to grow them there, as you can tell. So i gave you five stars.” He gave the other model Vanessa four stars as well, saying, “All these southern women, so beautiful.”

For comic Loni Love, Lance said, “I think you have wonderful energy, I love comedians like that, so five stars.” And for fellow comic Flip Schultz, Bass said, “I like animation, it reminds me of Jay Lewis. I think that’s probably the hardest profession in the entertainment industry is to be a comedian. So I give you three stars.”

On singer Spencer Day, who sang ‘Turn Me On’, Bass said, “Range is incredible. You connected with the audience, great performance, four stars.” And for Liz Byler’s performance of Celine Dion’s ‘Where Does My Heart Beat Now’, Lance commented, “Definitely, you got the look, definitely the talent, Celine Dion is very hard to sing to. So I gave you four stars.”

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