Lance Bass Still Has A Chance In Space Quest has more details on the continuing volley of will he or won’t he regarding *NSYNC’s Lance Bass and his quest for space. The Russian Aviation and Space Agency (Rosaviakosmos) spokesman Konstantin Kreydenko tells them, “We ran out of patience, he should leave.” Still, they wouldn’t confirm whether agency director Yuri Koptev had already officially terminated the contract with Bass. An Energia official said in a telephone interview on Tuesday that there still is a chance Lance will be able to fly.

The story at has since been removed.

MirCorp Says Bass Negotiations Still Ongoing

3, 2002 – MirCorp has responded to Russia’s space agency spokesman Sergei Gorbunov who nixed Lance Bass’ planned trip to outer space next month due to “failing to fulfil the conditions of his contract.” Mircorp said Tuesday (September 3), “The discussions continue between Celebrity Mission and our Russian colleagues. Meetings with the relevant partners took place today, September 3, and will continue tomorrow. We are very grateful for the support that we are still receiving from all our partners. We are extremely confident that we will reach a solution for Lance’s historic journey. Lance himself remains absolutely committed to doing this mission.”

Lance Bass Doesn’t Meet Space Cash Deadline

3, 2002 – Reuters reports Russia’s space agency has scrapped member Lance Bass’ plans to join an October space mission after he and his sponsors failed to meet payment deadline, said spokesman Sergei Gorbunov on Tuesday. “After failing to fulfill the conditions of his contract, Lance Bass has been told that his training at the Cosmonaut Training Center has ended and that his flight to the ISS is impossible,” said Gorbunov.

MirCorp Denies Claim Lance Bass Might Not Be Spacebound

August 31, 2002 – Simon Saradzhyan of reports MirCorp president Jeffrey Manber is denying a Russian news report that said Lance Bass’ space flight may fail to materialize. He explained, “It takes weeks and months to complete the paperwork” after a corporate sponsor declares its preparedness to pay for the trip. A Russian space industry source says the Russian negotiating team might be willing to wait for more than one week before deciding whether *NSYNC star gets to make the space flight in late October.

The full story at has since been removed.

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6 thoughts on “Lance Bass Still Has A Chance In Space Quest

  1. guccimama says:

    I just wonder how she can be relatively skinny (look at the arms and the waist) and have a huge bum too! It just doesn’t make sense!
    So the message is that if you buy her perfume you´ll end up looking like her?? Why else appear naked?

  2. Syndney says:

    This is getting tiring watching this tennis match in the media. First the Russians say he is out than Lance Team says he is not. Why hasn’t this been decided by either party. Make up your minds this 9 lives stuff is getting old. I feel better now. I had to rant.

  3. dum_BLONDE says:

    No offense, but I can’t believe the space team or whoever the hell they are, keep updating Lance fans about what’s going on with this whole deal…NOBODY CARES!! That’s why nobody ever responds to these stupid articles about Lance going into space because secretly they all just want them to leave him up there.

  4. sweetcheeks says:

    The reason I don’t usually post on articles about Lance in space is because I’m tired of the back and forth, like most people. But contrary to what some people think *points above* I do care what happens with this space thing. I really hope it works out for Lance, not only because it’s his dream, but because it’s doing a lot for the space program and getting people interested in space travel again.

    p.s. I want him to return to earth. I think wishing someone to stay in space or to never return is almost as bad as wishing death on someone. I think people really need to watch what they say, as there are quite a few hypocrites on this site. Peace.

  5. donnajoj says:

    I agree with you. I don’t comment too often because this story keeps going back and forth. I do support this endeavor and Lance. I also think it is childish and irresponsible to wish harm to someone you don’t even know and don’t have a reason to dislike. What goes around comes around, even if the reaction to these negative thoughts are shame and embarrassment from wishing something bad and it possibly happening and coming true. I also find that most of the negative opinions/comments are based on lack of information, misinformation, prejudice or unfortunately pure stupidity of the subject. To form a negative opinion about someone simply because you don’t like their music, looks, career choices or because there is some little bit of jealousy is asinine and absurd. And by the way, check out the comments on Yahoo about this….there are hundreds of them.

  6. dum_BLONDE says:

    First of all, its called sarcasm. Its not as if you could actually really leave someone in space anyway. As much as you may want to believe, I am not at present, nor will I ever wish death upon ANY of the Nsync members, no matter how much I dislike them. I leave the death wishes up to Nellysboy. But anyway, it was just a joke, nothing personal or serious.

    I’m just really sick of hearing about this all over tv, popdirt, online, and pretty much everywhere. It just gets tiring, nothin’ wrong with that.

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